is an online shopping website, at least that’s what it looks like… But is it legit and how can you recognize if it is? This Prcedo website reviews will definitely help straighten that thought once and for all.

Many scammers are working online and here we’ll give you some indicators on how to recognize scam sites. Prcedo is not a genuine website, so we highly recommend not to use it. You’ll end up giving your personal and financial data to an unreliable source but you’ll also never receive the product you ordered. How do we know? These are the indicators we recognized on Prcedo.

No Transparency, Whatsoever

The website doesn’t provide you as a customer with any transparency. The website shows no name for the owner. Genuine websites want to earn the trust of their costumers. To get that trust, they will provide transparency, such as the name of the site owner. You can also recognize a genuine site when there’s customer support available. This way, if something goes wrong you’ll have a way of getting in contact with an actual person. Additionally, legit websites would usually have a commercial address for their company. In the case of, they have a residential address. So this is definitely a bad sign.

Being able to get in contact with someone is important when providing your personal information. If you enter your info on a scam site chances are your data will be used by a third party. Which can result in your computer being hacked as well as your financial account/s. Meaning, they can use your info for theft of your account amongst others. Scam sites often require you to make an account first; in which you provide your personal information without the option to proceed. Also in most cases, the only payment method is a credit card. We recommend that you don’t provide personal info on websites that you don’t know anything about. If you’re ever in doubt if a website is genuine, do some research first. This is why the information about the owner is important because when something happens, there is a real contact you can turn to.

Fake Security System

Genuine shopping sites need to take security measures on their website so that your personal and financial information is protected. On the about us page on Prcedo it’s mentioned that the site is protected with McAfee, but there is no McAfee logo on the website anywhere. Some sites use a fake seal for an anti-virus or security system to give you a feel of security. You can recognize a fake seal by clicking on the logo. If the logo is not clickable this means it’s a fake. Seeing how Prcedo only mentions security but doesn’t have anything to prove that they actually installed this security, it’s probably bogus.

Too Good to be True DISCOUNTS

Another point on which you can recognize a scam site is when they offer big discounts. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers use big discounts to attract people to their website. Prcedo offers a discount on each and every product on their website, which is a big red flag.

Another red flag is when there’s not a lot of information provided about the privacy policy. Genuine websites don’t want to give you a feel of security. They actually want to provide this security to gain your trust and keep you as a customer. On, there is next to no information about their privacy policy.

When looking at the images on Prcedo what we noticed is that all the heads of the models are cropped out. Scam sites often use images from other sites without the owner’s consent and then crop them before they use them on their website.

Last but not least, read reviews about the website. You can take a look at some Prcedo website reviews on Trustpilot. When looking up Prcedo, there is no way you can miss all the negative reviews. You can also check out some other bloggers who also share my joy of revealing scams.

To Sum Up the Prcedo Website Reviews

Prcedo is not a legit shopping site so don’t order anything from here. If you’re ever in doubt if a website is genuine or not, do some research about the site first. It’s also never a bad idea to see what the BBB has to say about a site. Follow the indicators mentioned above to recognize if it is a scam or not. It is always helpful to read reviews from customers who came before you and look up articles such as this one. Make sure the site provides a privacy policy and security measures so you don’t end up getting robbed without a nice beanbag to chill on because it never arrived.