Six Pack Abs Workout

This Six Pack Abs Workout information is based on research and experience from Dr. Dave:

The first step to get “six-pack” abs (or flat stomach) is losing enough weight to actually see your muscles, you find details here Next, start strengthening the abdominal muscles to build a strong core.

Step 1 – Lose weight.

Many of us (especially men) tend to gain and lose weight in the center first – the so called “central obesity.” This is frustrating because you can look ripped everywhere else but still have the last 5 pounds covering the abs. Body fat will come off first where it wants to come off. You are genetically set to gain and lose weight from certain sites in a certain order. It just depends on how you were made.

Also, as we age – especially starting in the 30’s and 40’s – it is more difficult to define the abdominal muscles. Not impossible, just harder. Also, some people are naturally able to build bigger muscles; again, it’s genetics at work.

This being said, here is some advice to strengthen abdominal and core (abdominal and back) muscles in your six pack abs workout:

Step 2 – Exercises for a six-pack stomach . . .

Exercises – Six Pack Abs Workout

The University of San Diego studied electrical activity of various abdominal exercises – which scientifically show how many muscles were used in the abs. The higher the number, the better the workout for this region.

1. Bicycle Maneuver/Criss Cross 538 (most abdominal muscles used)
2. Captains Chair 522
3. Reverse Crunch 350
4. Vertical Leg Crunch 345
5. Exercise Ball Crunch 286
6. Traditional Stomach Crunch 200 (least abdominal muscles used)

Good for oblique muscles (your sides). A common weak spot.

Lie down on the floor.
Press lower back to floor.
Hands at head, elbows to the sides.
Knees up at 45° angle.

Now, you’ll be bringing an elbow and opposite knee together:
Right elbow to left knee.
Left elbow to right knee.

Repeat. Make the motions slow and controlled. Stop when you are tired and start to “get sloppy” with the movements.

You’ll need equipment – handholds that will support your weight.

Grip hand holds, raise your body, legs dangling.

Now, you’ll be bringing your knees up to your chest:
Supporting your weight, lift knees up to chest slowly.
Return to starting position.

Repeat. Make the motions slow and controlled. Stop when you are tired and start to “get sloppy” with the movements.

A focused variation on a crunch.

Lie down on floor.
Press lower back to floor.
Hands beside head or arms flat beside your body.
Cross ankles, knees up at 90°.

Now, you’ll be lifting only your lower body:
Lift your hips up a few inches.
Return to starting position.

Repeat. Make the motions slow and controlled. Stop when you are tired and start to “get sloppy” with the movements.

This is just like the Reverse Crunch, except with straight legs.

Lie down on floor.
Press lower back to floor.
Hands beside head.
Legs straight up.

Now, you’ll be lifting only your lower body:
Lift your hips up a few inches.
Return to starting position.

Repeat. Make the motions slow and controlled. Stop when you are tired and start to “get sloppy” with the movements.

This exercise releases the hip flexors which really isolates the abs. The authors of the study thought that this might be the best abdominal exercise.

Lie on the ball, facing up. Feet flat.
Cross arms over your chest. Tuck your chin.

Now, you’ll be raising your upper body to do a “crunch”:
Raise your upper body, up to 45°.
Keep chin tucked, which produces a “C” shape in your torso.
Return to starting position.

Make it harder: move feet and knees closer together.

Repeat. Make the motions slow and controlled. Stop when you are tired and start to “get sloppy” with the movements.

Still useful in a six pack abs workout.

Lie down on floor. Knees up, feet flat on floor.
Press lower back to floor.
Hands at head or arms flat beside your body.

Now, you’ll be sitting up then lying back down:
Tuck your chin.
Lift your torso to sitting position.
Return to start position.

Repeat. Make the motions slow and controlled. Stop when you are tired and start to “get sloppy” with the movements.

*We prefer more of an abs exercise-pilates:
Tuck your chin. Raise your head off the floor.
Do a small crunch – just a few inches.
Return to that “head raised” position between each crunch.

How many Six-Pack Ab Exercises
should I do?

For your six pack abs workout or flat stomach, I recommend:

• Do these exercises every other day
• Make the motions slow and precise. Stop when you are tired and start to “get sloppy” with the movements.
• Continue your weight loss lifestyle
• Continue to exercise and build other muscles

Start with as many of each exercise as you can do well, without losing your correct form. As you build muscle, you will be able to increase your repetitions.

Make sure that you do core exercises such as pilates and yoga that strengthen the back as well as the abdominals. Vary your routine – run, walk, bike, elliptical, swim, etc. Focus on all your muscle groups to stay fit.

The key to your Six Pack Abs Workout is to persevere.

Slow and steady wins the race – and gets you a six pack/flat stomach.

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