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I’ve always wanted to write a review on AOJ Online Jobs due to numerous people telling me how bad it was. American Online Jobs is a work from home jobs scheme that claims to offer work at home opportunities to make over 700 dollars a week. You might be wondering if AOJ work from home is a scam, as many reviews will state. You may already feel like something is off about this site, which is why you’re here. I think you will find that AOJ is not the work-from-home solution you are looking for to make money online.

How AOJ Operates

Most of their money is made by referral marketing. They earn a referral bonus whenever they get you to sign up for one of the websites they’re advertising. They mostly offer surveys, which results in them making money off of an affiliate link. This is how they primarily make money.

Is AOJ a scam?

I think AOJ is a scam, and I will give you the red flags that I found on their website.

No SSL Certificate

In layman’s term, their web address is encrypted with Http rather than https. Having an Http on their web address means that the website is not secure. This website has been around for two years, and it’s bizarre that they don’t have an SSL certificate. A legit website has an SSL certificate, which provides security as well as credibility.

No Contact Information

The AOJ homepage doesn’t have anything but pre-screening questions. It also has a YouTube video on how to get started with AOJ Online Jobs. Almost all legit websites have an about us page and contact details. The About Us page will tell you about their story on how they started their online jobs website, what they do, and why they do it.

All legit sites have a contact page, if not, the contact information on top of the website or footer. It’s obvious that you can’t really trust their site, especially since there’s no one to contact if you encounter any problems or for customer service.

Pre-Screening Questions that Do Not Make Sense

It just doesn’t work. It won’t even matter if you answer any of the questions ’cause you would still be able to proceed to Step#2. That’s just odd. I don’t have anything to add on this ’cause it’s pretty much right in your face scammy.

Click Here to Apply Now Button DOESN’T WORK

Surprise, surprise. The application process is a mess like the rest of the site. A website that wants to help you get a job doesn’t have the APPLY NOW button working. If this isn’t a major red flag, I don’t know what else there is to prove that this website is a total scam.

Step # 2 Button Takes You to Online Surveys

As I mentioned, the homepage, which supposedly Step#1 is as useless as the second step. Step#2 button will lead you to a sign-up page for a paid survey site or a game/casino site after clicking the button. These sites have absolutely nothing to do with you finding a job on American Online Jobs. It also has a video on how to get started with online surveys.

It’s just totally misleading. On the Step#2 page, there’s also the classic “REGISTER NOW BONUS” feature that every scam website has. It’s far from what they present their website to be. The companies mention are:

  • Toluna
  • Opinion City
  • My Survey
  • E-Poll
  • Pinecone Research
  • Survey Voices

Although some of the online surveys above are legit, it is still very misleading. Remember, this website is supposed to help you find a work from home job, not answer online surveys.

Member Training Area

At this point in the review, I think we’ve already established the fact that AOJ Online Jobs isn’t a website that can help you find an online job. Every step they have on the website is all about signing up for online surveys and clicking on ads placed all over their really basic site.

On Step#2 page, below, there is a button that says “CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE TRAINING/MEMBERS AREA”. If you click on it, it will take you to a simple form to put your name and a “valid” email. I tried it out with a fake name and a fake email, and it worked. Of course. After that, you will have access to 10 lessons on referral marketing.

Here’s a little insight into the lessons and training videos:

  1. This is a welcome video in which you’ll not learn anything. It just wants you to sign up for more of their recommended survey companies.
  2. Join Facebook groups to post little ads to get people to join the affiliated survey companies
  3. Post fake job ads on CraigsList to promote the survey sites
  4. Referral and CPA marketing
  5. YouTube Marketing
  6. Some info on Instagram marketing and a link to a blog
  7. Very little info about Pinterest Marketing plus a link to a blog
  8. How to Register on an Online Marketing Software
  9. How to Create a marketing account with American Online Jobs
  10. More BS about promoting American Online Jobs

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

Affiliate marketing is a good business model. When you do it well, you won’t need another job. American Online Job does NOT provide you with the right basics to make money with your own marketing business. What it does is they provide you with a tiny amount of information about a fraction of what you need to know for referral marketing. On itself, it’s completely useless. All it does is getting you to sign up with them and promote AOJ, which I would not recommend.

This training area is still not getting you to the website’s whole purpose of finding work from home jobs.

Multiple Sites

American Online Jobs was founded in 2018 and also has other small sites like:


A legit site would not have one or more domain names or websites. They have at least 5 with different domain names, logos, and company names. It is common among scam sites, which is another red flag here. Scammers often change their domain names once they receive too many negative customer service reviews, so they can keep on scamming.

Other Sources for AOJ Online Jobs Reviews

When looking for work from home jobs, do your research. Make sure that the online job website is legit. There are many great resources on the internet to check the legitimacy and reviews of a website or business. Trust Pilot and the Better Business Bureau are my first stop when investigating. These two sites are the first place I would review for AOJ online jobs reviews. There are also many bloggers out there who, like me, enjoy exposing scams.


I did this AOJ Online Jobs Review because I want everyone to know that this website is a total scam. The way they present their website as a site where you can find a work-from-home job, and they misleading you by trying to get you to register and do online surveys is just a straight-up scam.

There are too many red flags that are mentioned in this article that hopefully, for anyone who is looking for an online job will see through them and realized that the AOJ American Online Jobs website is fake. There are others like me that did an AOJ Online Jobs Review entry.

Even with the marketing tutorial on the member/training area will not save this website from it looking legit. Again, instead of them being upfront with what they’re advertising to be which is providing opportunities, they’re tricking people by making them think that with the tutorial they provided, they can find an online job on their website. It’s just a total mess and it’s just misleading.

The Verdict

It is pretty obvious that American Online Jobs a scam and waste of time. All you’ll end up doing here is wasting time you could have spent on a legitimate work from home way to make money. You could get paid little bit of money using the legit paid survey sites they recommended. Still, American Online Jobs is deceitful. They’re not there to help you earn money. They’re just there to trick you to click through their misleading paid ads so they can make money. If you’re going to try out the survey sites, go to the site itself, remember that your earning potential here is meager. And suppose you want to start an affiliate marketing business. In that case, there are plenty of ways to get proper training and make a killer business model. 

On a separate blog post, I wrote about an online shopping website. And discuss whether it is legit or a scam.