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Is The Barefoot Writer Legit? Revealing the Truth About Making Money Writing

Are you an aspiring writer looking to enhance your skills and earn from writing? The Barefoot Writer, an educational platform and subscription magazine, purports to provide useful resources and opportunities for freelance writers. But is it a worthy investment? In this review, we’ll reveal the truth and discuss alternative resources to guide you in your writing journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Uncover Barefoot Writer’s legitimacy from various viewpoints.
  • Assess membership fees, upsells & hidden charges prior to investment.
  • Peruse success stories of writers using it or consider alternative resources for budding writers.Is The Barefoot Writer Legit? Revealing the Truth About Making Money Writing

Unveiling the Barefoot Writer

American Writers & Artists Inc. provides a program, The Barefoot Writer, for pursuing a freelance writing career. Known as AWAI, it supports individuals in earning money through freelance writing. Since its 2011 inception, it has consistently offered subscribers valuable knowledge and resources. But what exactly does it offer, and how can it aid aspiring writers?

What is the Barefoot Writer?

Designed as one of the best educational platforms for aspiring freelance writers, they offer a variety of resources and networking opportunities. By subscribing to their daily e-newsletter, The Writer’s Life, you can receive tips on how to get paid for your writing, including starting your own blog. However, some critics contend that the claims regarding income might be inflated and not completely precise.

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The Barefoot Writer Club

The club provides members with:

  • Exclusive content
  • Instructional videos
  • Writing contests
  • Reports

All of these resources are available for an annual fee. While some online reviews criticize the platform for its exaggerated income claims and upsells, others appreciate the resources provided and consider it a valuable resource for aspiring freelance writers.

Breaking Down the Barefoot Writer Experience

We’ve revealed the platform’s features and benefits. It provides training resources, networking, and writing contests for aspiring writers. But what’s the value and effectiveness of these resources and opportunities?

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Networking Opportunities

A key perk of club membership is access to the exclusive Facebook group, enabling you to:

  • Connect with fellow writers
  • Discuss freelance writing
  • Promote community
  • Share experiences
  • Pose questions
  • Provide advice

Evaluating the Cost of Barefoot Writer Membership

Considering the features and benefits, assessing the membership cost becomes crucial in determining its worth as an investment. Like any educational platform, considering the potential return on investment against the initial cost is paramount.working on the couch

Membership Pricing

The Barefoot Writer Club’s yearly membership of $249 provides access to a monthly digital magazine, 50 previous issues, and the “Private Portal” for expert advice on writing projects. Periodic discounts and promotions may reduce the cost.


Addressing the Skepticism: Is Barefoot Writer a Scam?

Despite the resources and opportunities they offer, some concerns and criticisms, and poor barefoot writer reviews have been raised about the work platform.

In this section, we provide a balanced review on the legitimacy of the barefoot writer’s claims, including the writers’ on type writer

Unrealistic Income Claims

While some members achieved high-paying writing jobs after joining Barefoot Writer, these various five or six figures figure income claims should be met with a healthy dose of skepticism. The potential for significant writing income varies greatly, depending on individual effort, skill level, and market demand.


Is Barefoot Writer Legit

The Barefoot Writer, a renowned platform offering resources and opportunities for aspiring freelance writers, has sparked numerous debates. Many have asked, “is Barefoot Writer legit?” This recurring question reflects the writing community’s curiosity. After reviewing various Barefoot Writers and Barefoot Writer Club reviews, it’s clear that the platform is legitimate. It’s not a scam, but a genuine aid for those pursuing freelance writing.


Real-Life Testimonials: Barefoot Writer Success Stories

Addressing Barefoot Writer skepticism is as vital as showcasing member successes. Testimonials on highlight the advantages of joining the club. They present freelancers from diverse backgrounds attributing their success to the program’s teachings. Despite doubts, this indicates that many have succeeded with the Barefoot Writer through effective sales letter crafting.


In conclusion, they provide numerous resources for budding freelance writers. However, it’s crucial to evaluate the platform, considering costs and benefits critically. Also, explore other resources like online courses, workshops, and job platforms to enhance your skills and build a successful career. Ultimately, success hinges on your dedication and persistence in refining your craft and finding quality writing opportunities.