Florida Man February 9: Assault With A Very Florida Weapon

February 9 seems to be a bizarre day even for Florida man. If this is your birthday or you just enjoy the stranger thing in life, then keep reading as we cover a few of the weirdest stories of Florida man on February 9.

Florida Man February 9, 2016

This next story has some all the necessities of a legendary Florida man story including an alligator, fast food, and of course a Florida man.

On February 9, 2016, a Florida man by the name of Joshua James was arrested for throwing a nearly four-foot gator through the drive-through window at a local fast-food restaurant.

Early in the night, Joshua James had cam upon the alligator on the road while driving in his truck.

James decided to do what any self-respecting Florida man would do and immediately captured it and tossed it in the back of his pickup truck.

After some deep thought of what to do with his catch, he decided that releasing it into a local Wendys was his best move.

Unfortunately for Joshua, he used his credit card to purchase a drink before tossing the gator in the window.

After a not very extensive manhunt by the Florida wildlife department, Joshua James was arrested. He was then charged with transporting an alligator unlawfully and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

His mother went on record with CNN to say that he wasn’t a bad kid, but instead just had bad taste in pranks.

She also noted that he was kind of stupid.

Florida Man February 9, 2020

This next one gives us a deep look into the reasoning process that goes on in the mind of Florida man.

On February 9, 2020, a Florida man named Victor Morel called 911 and reported that he had just been shot at, twice. He then admitted it was probably due to the fact that he had stabbed him after robbing him for a briefcase of meth.

Morel later told police that he had met the victim through the dating app “Grindr”. He said before they had met he had found out the victim was a meth dealer.

Morel then arranged to meet with the intentions of robbing the man.

They later met at the victim’s apartment. The pair started to argue which ended in Morel punching the victim in the head.

Morel then grabbed a nearby briefcase full of meth and hit the victim with it before trying to flee. The victim grabbed a knife and gave chase.

Next, Morel once again assaulted the man with the briefcase. This time knocking the knife out of the man’s hand and causing a gun to fall out of the assailant’s pocket.

After the confusion, Morel picked up the knife and stabbed the victim before getting in his car to flee.

As he drove away the victim opened fire, hitting both the front and side windows.

Not wanting to admit to anything that might get him in trouble, the victim’s story was a bit different. In his version, it was a random assault and attempted robbery on the street.

However, Morel was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault and robbery.

Final Thoughts

These stories go to show that a Florida man can be very resourceful when it comes to choosing his weapons. If you have a strange Florida man tale to tell, please share it with us in the comments below. Thanks again for joining me, and check out some of my other Florida man summaries.

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