Florida Man August 20: Review Leads To Drive-By

The infamous Florida man is at it again, this time on August 20th. Is August 20th your birthday? If so, read on to find out what whacky things the Florida man was up to on August 20.

Florida Man August 20, 2023

On August 20th, a Florida man was apprehended by the Highland County Sheriff for attempting to conduct a castration on another individual he encountered via an eunuch fetish website, located in the peaceful Highlands County.

Sebring resident, Gary Van Ryswyk, aged 74, had deputies summoned to his abode on Sunday, August 18, becoming the Florida man of Aug 18.

Upon their arrival, Ryswyk confessed to an officer that he had just completed a castration procedure using medical equipment on a man but ran into severe complications. Deputies discovered the wounded man in distress on a bed, with an intense flow of blood and a towel covering his groin area, indicating severe bodily injury.

The victim was then airlifted to a proximate hospital and is now reported as being in a stable health condition.

Throughout their probing into this bizarre case involving the Florida man of August 20th, deputies found two body parts stowed away in a pink container.

Florida Man August 20, 2018

This story may make you think twice about leaving a negative review on Facebook.

On August 20, 2018, Police responded to a home that was at the receiving end of a drive-by shooting, another incident involving the Florida man of August 20th. The homeowner stated that they were home watching television when all hell broke loose.

He stated that while sitting on his couch, bullets started flying through his front windows. Some bullets missing his head by as little as 4 inches.

However this was not a random shooting. The series of event’s that led to the shooting happened only the day before on August 19, involving the Florida man of August 18th.

It started when Diana Walley had been refused service at the Daybreak Diner. The refusal was allegedly due to the victims disability.

When the victims’ daughter heard about the incident, she immediately called the diner and demanded an explanation.

After speaking with multiple employees, she felt that they had all been unnecessarily rude to her and her mother.

She then proceeded to do what many of us do when a restaurant or business does not live up to our expectations.

She got on Facebook and left a negative review explaining what happened and noting the employee’s unnecessary rudeness.

The victims daughter later stated that she felt it was within her rights to let other potential customers know about the diners behavior and lack of service.

However, she did not stop at just one negative review. She launched a social media campaign against the restaurant exposing the mistreatment to people all over town.

The campaign caught some traction and resulted in many more negative reviews, social media posts and even harassment over the telephone.

The owner of the diner stated that she believed her business to be ruined due to the social media campaign.

Florida Man Takes Action

On August 20, Florida man, Michael Johnson, who is famously known for the Florida man August 20th incident, decided to take action. Johnson is the son of the restaurant owner and was expecting to inherit the diner some day.

Johnson, his girlfriend, and a friend named Norman Auvil decided to find out who started all this trouble and take action. They quickly found the culprit and used the dark web to figure out her home address.

The trio then took a ride to the Walley’s home with the intention to cause harm to someone or damage some property.

Michael Johnson stated that he exited the car to confront the victims when Auvil decided to start shooting into the home from the vehicle.

Later on August 20, Florida man, Norman Auvil, known as the ‘florida man august 20th’, was arrested at his home in Orlando. He was charged with felony charges such as shooting from an automobile, firing into an occupied home and abuse of a person with a disability.


I think it is safe to say Florida may not be the safest place to express negative thoughts on a business. If you have a Florida man story Please leave it in the comment section below. Or if you would like to see what Florida man was up to on your birthday send us a message or leave your request in the comments. Thanks and stay tuned for more adventures of Florida man.