Insurance Not Paying Your Claim? How Insurance Claims Lawyers Can Help

While insurance companies of all kinds advertise that they are on your side or here for you, the opposite is often true. Insurance companies aren’t charity.

They’re businesses, and one of the ways they make money is by figuring out how to not pay your claims. Armed with well-paid lawyers, these firms comb the minutiae of every claim and policy to deny you your money.

Have you filed a claim and the insurance company won’t pay? It’s time to contact someone who’s really on your side. Read on to learn what an insurance claims lawyer can do for you.

Bad Faith Insurance

One of the most depressing aspects of modern American life is we assume we’ll have to fight for our insurance claims.

You may pay your expensive premiums on time, and yet if you experience a calamity, the first thought is not, “Thank goodness I have insurance.” Your first thought is, “Will my insurance cover this?”

Why do we search for “insurance, bad faith” on our computers too often?

We’re conditioned to by our insurance companies, that’s why. Considering that a whopping one out of every five in-network private health insurance claims gets denied, it’s no wonder our hearts skip a beat whenever something bad happens.

And it’s not just health insurance. Car insurance and homeowner’s insurance deny claims more than you’d think, hoping that you’ll accept their lack of payment rather than going through the process to fight back.

What Can an Insurance Claims Lawyer Do for You?

One of the biggest scams perpetrated on the American public is the idea of excess litigation. The idea that you should avoid lawsuits because litigation is superfluous and greedy is damaging to your wallet.

The legal system is meant for everyone, not just the wealthy. If you commit insurance fraud, you can bet your bottom dollar your insurance company will take you to court to recoup the money they paid out.

An insurance policy is a contract. If you believe your insurance company didn’t live up to their end of the contract, you have a right to sue. Most states allow for breach of contract cases, while some states allow insurance bad faith suits.

A local law firm can help you with this. An insurance bad faith law firm can help you determine if your insurance company acted in bad faith by using some of the following criteria.

Failure to pay claims without explanation, offering a sum far less than the true value of the claim, and failure to disclose policy limitations are all ways insurance companies act in bad faith.

What your lawyer can do is help you fight for your money by determining whether your insurance company acted in bad faith, and then preparing a lawsuit to fight for your money.

An Insurance Claim Lawyer Is Here for You

When you pay your insurance premiums and don’t receive your benefits, you may be eligible for a lawsuit. An insurance claims lawyer can look at your situation, decide if the insurance company acted in bad faith, and then fight for your money in court.

Don’t let the big guys push you around. Fight for what you’re owed.

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