If you have ever looked for writing jobs around the internet on places like Craigslist. Then you likely have seen ads for the IAPWE. You may have also found it through Googling. The International Association of Professional Writers and Editors has been around for years. A quick look at the IAPWE website should make you question whether they’re a scam or not.

The Website

First, we should take a look at the website from their about page. Here you will see a very brief description of what the IAPWE is and what it claims to offer. They have also included a small blurb about how other websites don’t pay what they pay. You will also notice the word free used. Nowhere on this page does it mention a cost for help with finding jobs.

Going to the blog/news page you will see that there hasn’t been a new post since September 2019. That has been over a year now. Now take a look at the “news” section. Almost everything posted here is more of your traditional blog post. While interesting, won’t work to get you a job.

Clicking the jobs board link at the top of the page will take you to a basic “password-protected” webpage. It isn’t a modern website where your username and password get you onto the job page. Instead, you put in a generic password. Without that password, you can’t see what kind of jobs they offer. When a website that claims to have high paying jobs doesn’t have modern security, you should see a red flag right away.


Currently, the website is not available to new applicants. As of now, only a waitlist is available. Yet, on the about page, they do mention they are looking for new administrators who can identify and verify job writing roles. They ask you to email a staffing email address for the website.

As of now, we cannot join the website. However, we still managed to find a lot of information from prior reviews of the company, which aren’t the best.

Most people stumble upon IAPWE through the Craigslist ad. This ad takes you to a basic form that asks for a name and email. They also ask whether you want to be a writer or editor, and to provide a sample. They also use a five-digit pin that they email to you. At the top of the forum is also a copy of the Craigslist ad. This as mentions the pay is $10 per 100 words for writers and $3 per 100 words for editors.

Many of those who apply do not hear back with their codes for a month or so. For a simple process, this takes quite a long time.

After You Apply

Once you have completed the application process and received your pin code. You will then have the ability to access more of the website. What you don’t see until this point. Is the fact that you can’t access the writing jobs until you become a professional member. And of course, professional membership isn’t free.

The membership fee is $40 every 30 days. Some members get the opportunity to only spend $5.95 for the first month.

What You Get With The Membership

Besides access to the site, what exactly does this professional membership cover? The membership gives you access to the list of writing available jobs. Unfortunatly, you will see that these jobs are not offered by the IAPWE.

What the IAPWE does is browse the internet to find websites and companies that are offering writing jobs. The administrators/searchers look through the jobs. It is their job to make sure that they claim to pay at least what the IAPWE website advertises. While looking at the jobs/websites the administrators decide on whether the website is a scam or not.

What you find on the IAPWE website is a list of jobs that you can apply to. Supposedly these jobs will make you money. They come from a wide variety of websites. There are apparently always several jobs for any kind of writer or editor.

So is IAPWE a Scam?

Everyone who has seen the ads for the IAPWE website wants to know if it is a scam. The website claims to have pretty good-paying writing gigs, it does seem a little too good to be true.

Taking a look at the website in its current state, most people should be quite wary of the platform. It does not look like the company put in much work on their interface. Even though they have been around for a while. This is a big warning for any company. Especially a company that doesn’t have a physical location that you can visit. The current listed location for the organization is an apartment building in New York State. Before, they used a UPS store for their address.

Before we come out with our decision we want to talk about what other people believe. Turning to Google you can find a lot of discussions around the internet about the IAPWE. I found a thread on Reddit discussing a person’s experience with the website. Instead of receiving what was needed for the job they only received marketing emails. Many blog posts state similar things.

If you take a look at some Reddit threads and blog posts about the IAPWE. Many have a few positive comments mixed in with a large number of negative ones. These comments seem suspiciously similar to each other. Some people believe that these comments are from “users” of IAPWE. They believe people are being encouraged to post positive comments around the internet.


The Better Business Bureau has a B- rating for the organization, a low rating for any business. They have many complaints about the registry and some negative reviews.

After doing some research into the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors. We were able to come up with a decision that we are quite confident in. We know now that the IAPWE website is likely a scam. All the facts and negative reviews appear to point the same direction that we have gone

If the registration ever reopens for the IAPWE website. It could come with changed business practices. We also can’t verify for sure that the IAPWE is a scam. Although, from what I have learned while researching this article, I will not be signing up anytime soon.

Don’t Let It Get You Down

Don’t let the scam that is IAPWE discourage you from trying to find writing jobs on the internet. Plenty of legitimate writing jobs are available around the internet. There are even real websites that can help to connect you with clients like Fiverr.com and Upwork.com. Before signing up for any website that claims to give you jobs. It is important to do your research, but of course, you already know that because you are reading this.

A good tip for those who are going to continue to look for jobs online. A legitimate job site will not need you to pay upfront to get access to the job list. Also if you are looking for more ways to see if a company/site is legit or not. You can check out my review of a scam shopping site.