Who Should I Ask for a Letter of Recommendation?

When it comes to deciding who to ask for a letter of recommendation, there are a lot of different things to consider. Not only can they convey a lot of information in a short amount of time, but they can also help you establish yourself as a student who can work well with their mentors. They play a larger role in the admissions process than you may think.

For college admissions offices, knowing the students they’re allowing in are going to succeed academically and beyond plays a large role in their decision-making process. So, how do you know who to ask?

Luckily, we’re here to help you decide. Read on to learn more about asking for a letter of recommendation.

A Teacher or Mentor Who Knows You Best

The best option here is to choose a teacher or mentor — someone you know professionally, typically not a family friend or your parent’s coworker — that can attest to your skills and academic accomplishments.

If you’ve volunteered somewhere throughout high school, maybe you have a mentor that can help you out. If you have a teacher that knows you really well, then that might be the best place to turn.

The important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t choose someone simply because they’re going to speak nicely about you. You also want to ensure they’re going to give you professional merit among whoever is reading the letter.

Someone Relevant to Your Field

If you’re close with a teacher who teaches in the same field you’re interested in pursuing, they can make a great option for your letter of recommendation.

Not only is this going to show that you’ve built strong professional bonds in high school, but it’s going to show that you have an aptitude for your preferred field. If you’re a biology major and can get a letter of recommendation from your biology teacher, that’s only going to make it that much stronger.

What if You Need More Than One?

If you need more than one letter of recommendation, then you might have to get creative. Like we talked about earlier, if you volunteer and have a mentor that you can speak with there, that’s a great option.

You can also turn to sports coaches and employers if you need another letter of recommendation.

When you’re asking, having a few different email templates to choose from can make the world of difference, especially if you have to turn to several people before you can find someone who is willing and able.

Who Are You Going to Ask For a Letter of Recommendation?

Now that we’ve gone over a few options for who to ask for a letter of recommendation, it’s time to make your decision. Whether it’s a teacher or someone you’ve known throughout your professional life, the decision is a big one that can make a huge impact on your admissions choices.

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