The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney Simple

A personal injury should be treated as a serious matter because it can cost you both time and money. Sometimes, the people at fault may try to strong-arm you to avoid giving you what is rightfully yours. 

But, a personal injury attorney by your side can help you with this. Other people believe so too, with personal injury cases up 97% last year. 

So, the question is, how do you choose the best injury attorney? This is your guide. 


Look for a lawyer that has experience with your type of case. Are they specifically a personal injury lawyer like John Fagan from here:

If so, then you are off to the right start. Find out what kind of cases a lawyer takes on, how long they have been working with those types of cases, and how many of those cases they have actually won. 

Once you do this, you should have the field narrowed down for who you would want to hire. 


Another factor to consider for you is to consider choosing a local lawyer. 

Why? The first reason would be because a lawyer in the location of your case will have more knowledge of what the local laws are and what that area’s courts tend to follow.

Also, that lawyer will have more knowledge about what goes on in those specific courtrooms, so they may be able to play to a certain judge or prosecutor better than someone from out of town could. 

Plus, if the injury took place in that area, then the lawyer may have to go out and do some research. For time and money purposes, it would be more convenient for you to have someone who is a local for this. 


Of course, the price will be a factor when it comes to hiring a lawyer. In a lot of cases, lawyers will charge an hourly rate but that is something you will usually not have to worry about with a personal injury case. 

Why? Because for most of these types of cases, lawyers will take a contingency fee rather than an hourly rate. 

You may have to put up a retainer if the case goes on longer than expected or if there’s a chance you might lose. However, if you win a personal injury case, then a lawyer will typically receive anywhere from 30-40% of the money that you would get in your settlement. 


Finally, you may have the option to have a consultation with a personal injury lawyer before you hire them. Here, you can ask them what they think your chances of winning are, how long the case will take, and the price they might charge for it. 

You can get a better feel for if this is a lawyer you would want on your side and if it is someone that you would trust with your case.  

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

If you believe that you deserve compensation for an injury that you suffered, hiring a personal injury attorney can help provide the justice that is deserved. Consult with a lawyer and set realistic expectations with how to proceed depending on your case. 

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