5 Tips for Choosing the Best Slip and Fall Attorneys for You

Have you recently been in an accident?

You should contact a personal injury lawyer right away. These lawyers can help you recover damages for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

It’s essential to get legal representation because insurance companies often try to settle with the victim before going too far in court. If this happens, it is unlikely you’ll receive full reimbursement for damages or losses. To get the best settlement award, you need a trusted attorney in your corner.

Read on to learn how to find the best slip and fall attorneys.

1. Get Lawyer Referrals

First, you can begin by reaching out to those you trust for a lawyer referral. Ask them if they know any slip and fall accident lawyers specifically. 

Find out why they chose that specific attorney and how their experience was. Did they win their case? What type of damages did they receive? 

Stop for a second and write down the names of 2-3 people you can ask for a referral from. Even if they didn’t go through the lawsuit themselves, someone close to them might have. You never know who’s going to have the best attorney to recommend. That’s why you have to ask!

After getting a referral, you can schedule your first legal consultation to get yourself started on your case. You’ll learn how the lawyer works through this step and what the lawyer thinks about your case. It’s an excellent way to test out compatibility with an attorney before taking their services on board full time.

Free Consultations

Consultations are usually free the first time, so there’s no reason to delay setting one up. Don’t just set up 1 consultation, though.

Put yourself out there by setting up at least 2-3 consultations. That way, you can compare the personalities of each lawyer, along with their price structures.

2. Lawyer Fees and Costs

Next, compare quotes from multiple attorneys before choosing one to work with. Legal fees and costs differ from one case to another. You may also have to learn how a retainer fee works.

For instance, some lawyers operate using a “no fee promise,” which means they won’t charge any money unless you win your case. 

On the other hand, many personal injury lawyers will take a percentage of your total settlement. This is a contingency agreement. The more complex and lengthy the process is, the higher their contingency fee will be.

For example, let’s say you’re involved in a simple fender bender. You’re claiming damages for whiplash, and you have essential documents to support your case. In this type of personal injury claim, the contingency fee would likely be small.

The lawyer won’t take a lot out of your settlement award since the case will be easy to handle. Plus, sometimes simple cases have lower payouts. Conversely, if you’re involved in a multi-vehicle accident that leaves you permanently injured, your legal fees will be higher.

The contingency fee for the slip and fall lawyer would likely increase since the amount of work to win your case would be higher. However, on the bright side, you’d be eligible for much higher settlement awards.

3. Look For Good Personalities

Moving on, the best slip and fall attorneys will make you feel welcomed during the consultation. They’ll be approachable, have good personalities, and care about their clients.

Put yourself in their shoes for a second if you had to be around tons of people all day long, wouldn’t you want someone easy to talk with? Of course! That’s precisely what you should be looking for in a lawyer.

You don’t have to be charmed or enamored. However, you have to feel comfortable talking to your attorney.

Does the lawyer seem annoyed when you ask them to review the details of the case? Are they making it difficult to get clear answers about how they’ll handle your case? Whenever a lawyer isn’t workable, take your business elsewhere.

Do you like the way the lawyer’s addressing you? Are they respectful and easy to understand? Great! Now it’s time to ask a few more qualifying questions.

4. Top Questions to Ask

A great way to check the attorney’s personality, even more, is by asking them some easy questions during your consultation.

Examples of these would be:

– How long have you been practicing law?

– What types of cases do you usually take on?

– What type of compensation can I expect if we win?

When you ask these types of questions, a good lawyer will take the time necessary to impress you. They’ll focus their responses on making sure they give you enough information to feel comfortable hiring them for your case.

5. Will They Go to Trial?

On top of feeling comfortable, you should also feel confident that you’re working with someone who has a good plan of action. For instance, what if your case needs to go to trial? Will the attorney be willing to prosecute?

In some cases, personal injury lawyers flat out refuse to go to trial, even if it’d help you out. They don’t want to go because trials are costly and lengthy!

Confirm that if the need arises, the lawyer you’re hiring will take the case to trial. Then find out about their trial case history. 

The best personal injury lawyers in your area will have an impressive track record of successful cases. The Slip and Fall Lawyer should also provide you with a list of references who can vouch for their litigation skills.

Find the Best Slip and Fall Attorneys

Finding the best slip and fall attorneys is the most critical step in winning your case! By following the tips above, you can find a great attorney who will ensure your interests are represented well. 

Remember, lawyers are busy, but a good lawyer will listen to everything you have to say during the initial consultation. They should also be able to offer insightful information that pertains to your case immediately. 

Reach out for a few referrals and then start setting up consultations today. For more tips, check out the rest of this site.