Florida Man May 1 – Neighborly Love

These two Florida man May 1 stories show us the joys of having a Florida man as your neighbor.

We can’t deny that they aren’t so friendly with their neighbors, that’s why they get into trouble. See how they pissed off the residents of Florida.

“Florida Man May 1, 2022”

SANFORD, Fla. – The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office reports that a Florida man was taken into custody following an incident where he stabbed his roommate in the chest. He then proceeded to stab himself. The suspect claimed his actions were meant to free Satan.

Deputies went to the Vista Haven Apartments on Geranium Lane in Sanford Wednesday night, responding to a stabbing incident. Upon arriving, they encountered an individual cutting themselves with a knife. The police also found a person who had sustained a stab wound, according to the report.

Joseph Dolash, aged 25, was held back as he tried to injure himself. Joseph fought the deputies and was soon pinned to the ground. His remarks were recorded as “Satan will be released from my injury,” “Satan is still inside me,” “Satan was a worm and is going to come out of me,” and “If I can’t express myself, Satan will take my life,” according to the report.

Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement officials noticed the victim laying on the ground with a stab wound. Police then established that he was the roommate of Dolash. When officers questioned Dolash about his wounded companion, he responded with, “Can’t say he’s Satan.”

The report stated that when the deputies arrived at Dolash’s apartment, they discovered blood on the walls and floors. Additionally, the investigators found a blade knife with a wooden handle covered in blood.

The Aftermath

The EMS took the injured individual to a nearby medical center for treatment. The hospital later informed the deputies that Dolash had held a kitchen knife to their throat and cut them multiple times. Dolash told the victim that the “devil was within him, and he had to take out the worm” before going ahead and stabbing them, as per the investigators.

The report states that Dolash instructed the victim to draw out the worm and devil from his blood. Which was seeping from the wound on his wrist by sucking it out.

Witnesses observed Dolash and the injured person. As well as the knife still embedded in the victim’s torso, according to deputies.

Police took Dolash into custody and placed him in the Seminole County Jail without bail. Police charged him with first-degree premeditated attempted murder, sexual assault, and battery, as per jail records.

Florida Man May 1, 2018 – Invited Neighbors to His House To Show A Dead Body

ST. Petersburg, Florida; Police reported a Florida Man asked his neighbors to come to his house to show the body of a dead woman in his shed.

According to St. Petersburg police spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez, numerous people called and claimed that 40-year-old Angelo Beckford had invited them to his house.

 At the house, Beckford showed them a woman’s body that looked unconscious or dead in his shed behind his house.

SWAT came to Beckford’s house and forcibly entered and confirmed that there was a dead body.

Police identified the victim as Cheyenne Snyder, 29. The family of the victim had reported Snyder kidnapped from St. Petersburg.

 On Beckford’s statement obtained by the Tampa Bay Times, he confessed that he got into an argument with Snyder because she made a mess in his house. He allegedly shot her because of the fight.

A neighbor of Beckford, Jamarius Habbard, told FOX13, “It’s crazy. I don’t know. But, the thing about it, when he’s out there, mingling with everybody, he has sense. Plenty of it.”

The suspect’s record showed that he was recently released from prison after ten years of a sentence for attempted robbery with a firearm or deadly weapon, including aggravated assault and felony battery charges.

In this incident, police charged him with second-degree murder, parole violation, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of crack cocaine, and aggravated assault.

Florida Man May 1, 2019 – Drunk, Naked, Armed with Machete

Cape Coral, Florida; Florida man had his after party in jail with his cousin. Police arrested the duo after they caught them drunk on the street, hitting mailboxes, naked with a machete.

Yadier Duenas-Sosa and his cousin, Irene Orozco, went to a party, got drunk, and came out to the street naked and armed with a machete.

On May 1, around 10:20 in the evening, Cape Coral police got reports about a naked Florida man destroying mailboxes while walking on the street of 4300 Block of SW 1st Avenue.

Sosa was using a machete to destroy the mailboxes and threatened a man living in the area. Neighbors had seen the incident, so they made the call to report the disturbance.

When deputies arrived at the scene, Sosa was naked, holding the weapon. The police took him into custody without incident.

Orozco tried to stop the police from taking her cousin. Police charged her with resisting an officer without violence.

Sosa and Orozco were both highly intoxicated. Police brought Sosa to the Cape Coral ER. Afterward, the hospital medically cleared Sosa. Officers then booked Sosa at Lee County Jail. Charges of aggravated assault and criminal mischief will be facing Sosa, and additional charges are still pending.

Final Thoughts

Do you think that Florida man brings peace to the neighborhood, or should we say that he’s good at pissing them off?

 Stories of invitation and disturbance had the same ending, both in jail. And this is just the start of the month. Let’s get ready for more.

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