Florida Man June 19

These 3 Florida man June 19 stories are about as weird as they get. No matter what day it is you can find Florida Man stories to enjoy. Keep reading to see what wild and weird things Florida Man has gotten up to on June 19th.

Florida Man June 19 – Tractor Terror

Florida Man got into an argument with his neighbor and when he had enough, he went a little, well, Florida Man.

The man identified as Howell Lamar Morris, hopped on his tractor and started chasing his neighbor. Witnesses stated that Morris was yelling, “Run fat ass.” 

After this incident, police arrested the Florida Man.

The victim’s wife managed to record the entire incident. You can also hear the wife of the victim narrate the incident while on the phone with 9-1-1.

Police charged the man with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. A judge later ordered a no-contact order between the neighbors.

You can find the entire tractor incident here.

Florida Man June 19 – Always use the Saftey

This isn’t too different from some other stories we have covered but it shows the true stupidity of Florida Man.

On June 19th, Florida Man decided that he would joke with his friend by picking up the rifle he had been working to customize and point it at his friend.

Shea Michael Harkins thought the gun was unloaded. He then pulled the trigger and killed his friend.

Sean Cook, 26, died almost instantly.

The two had been playing video games just moments before and then he shoots his friend.

Police charged Shea Michael Harkins with manslaughter. Even though the incident was an “accident,”

Florida Man and Alligator Theft

Alligators are all over in Florida so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we have another Florida Man and alligator story.

Florida Man took an alligator from a local golf course and decided that he was going to teach that alligator a lesson.

He took the alligator down a state road and on the way stepped on it and mistreated the poor animal. 

When Florida Man found a local bar he decided it was time to teach that lesson.

He attempted multiple times to throw the alligator onto the roof of the bar by its tail. Florida Man didn’t have enough strength to do it though.

Florida Man didn’t check who was around though as most of the incident was witnessed by police. The police arrested Florida Man on multiple charges related to animal cruelty.

Animal control officers returned the alligator to the golf course after officers had a brief wrestling match with the strong beast.

Hopefully, the alligator won’t have to deal with any more stupid humans and can just enjoy the water at the golf course from now on.


Florida Man apparently has a lot of time on his hands because we have plenty more stories from the history of things that he has done.

Make sure to check out some of the other days we have covered but be careful, the amount of stupidity that he gets up to may just leave you with a headache.

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