Different Ways to Stop Lip Piercing From Embedding

Before getting a lip piercing, you should know the dangers of embedding. One of the most common causes of embedding is failure to change the jewelry properly. This can lead to tissue growing over the jewelry, which needs medical attention. Some are curious about how to stop lip piercing embedding, and the best way to stop it is prevention. A good piercer will take extra care to choose the appropriate jewelry size and insert it correctly to minimize embedding risk.

Oval or Teardrop-Shaped Ring

Oval or teardrop-shaped rings are used to prevent the embedding of a lip piercing. These rings wrap around the lip and are comfortable to wear once the piercing has healed. The ring should be long enough to wrap around the lip comfortably.

Another problem with an oral piercing is nesting. In this type of piercing, the backings of the jewelry will sink into the lip tissue and create a nested pocket. This pocket may also be caused by coins or braces, which leave an imprint on the skin. A labret stud may leave a similar imprint in the lip tissue.

Flatback Studs

Lip piercing embedding is a common complication. It is usually harmless and will resolve itself on its own, but in some cases, it is more severe and requires medical intervention. In the case of embedding, the jewelry sinks into the pierced tissue, creating a pocket.

A flatback stud has a flat back and a threaded accessory on the other side. This combination provides a more comfortable fit and can accommodate lip and gum tissue better than other styles of studs. This type also allows you to show off both sides of the jewel. This type of piercing is also safer to wear than a standard labret piercing, which can leave a nick in the skin.

Dolphin Bites

One of the most common questions about dolphin bites is whether they stop lip piercing from embedding. The answer to this question is yes. Although dolphin bites don’t require much healing time, it is still important to follow aftercare instructions. This is because the piercing occurs in the mouth, and the bacteria from the saliva can cause infections. Avoiding pressure or carelessness after the dolphin bite piercing is essential to avoid infection.

The procedure for dolphin bites is similar to that of other double lip piercings, but they’re distinct from one another. If your lips become swollen, you’ll likely bite your piercing if it’s still fresh. This will also affect the healing time of the piercing, which can take longer.

If you experience this problem, it’s best to seek a piercing repair expert. A piercing repair specialist will know how to repair your piercing, so it doesn’t embed. They will also know your lip shape and how the jewelry was placed.

Dental Bonding

While a piercing can be beautiful, it can also cause damage to your teeth. In some cases, this can be easily repaired through dental bonding, while more severe cases may require a dental crown or implant. You should always consult your dentist to discuss your options before getting a lip piercing.

Lip piercing embedding is a common complication. Although it is unlikely to require treatment, it is essential to seek medical attention if you find that the piercing has started to embed in the surrounding tissue. This is because pierced tissues typically go through a nesting phase, where the jewelry sinks into a pocket in the tissue surrounding it.

One way to prevent embedding is to keep the lip piercing dry. Ice packs applied to the pierced area can help prevent it from swelling. Additionally, you should avoid hot beverages and spicy foods. As with any other body modification, lip piercings are a new experience, so you should be extra careful. If you have a history of body rejection, you should be even more careful with new piercings.