4 Motorcycle Safety Tips You Should Know

2020 saw the highest rate of motorcyclist fatalities ever recorded, with 5,579 motorcyclists losing their lives. This figure amounts to 14% of all traffic fatalities and highlights the fact that riding a motorcycle comes with its fair share of risks. 

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, safety is paramount. In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 essential motorcycle safety tips to help you stay safe when you’re out on the road.

Let’s gear up and get started. 

1. Inspect Your Bike Regularly

Before you go anywhere on your motorbike you need to know that everything is in tip-top operating condition. Before every ride, you need to inspect the essentials to help ensure a mechanical failure doesn’t catch you by surprise.

The Motorcycle Safety Federation uses the acronym T-CLOCS for its inspection checklist. This stands for: 

  • T – Tires and wheels
  • C – Controls
  • L – Lights and electrics
  • O – Oil and other fluids
  • C – Chassis 
  • S – Stands 

It might seem a little dubious having to check all of this before each ride, but it’s important to keep in mind the catastrophic events that might result from a break failure or a tire blowout. 

2. Wear the Right Motorcycle Safety Gear

As a motorcycle rider, you’re a lot more exposed to the elements than other motorists.

Leather riding gear and boots aren’t just designed to make you look awesome when you’re out riding. The heavy outerwear is made to help prevent road rash should you lose control of your bike and strike the road surface. It can also help to reduce the severity of skeletal and muscular injuries.

Almost every state requires you to wear a motorcycle helmet and for good reason. 

3. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

The best way to improve your safety is to learn from professionals. There are several motorcycle safety courses designed to help you stay safe on the road. Even if you already have your motorcycle license, learning more about how to stay safe could be the difference between life and death.

It’s also important to remember, that if you ever need a motorcycle accident lawyer, being able to show that you have attended a motorcycle safety course might help you win your case.    

4. Stay Focused and Stay Visible

When you’re on a motorcycle you have a more compact profile than other motorists. You must do what you can to stay visible and stay out of driver’s blind spots.

It’s important to stay on the ball and not lose focus when you’re out riding. Every time you’re on your motorcycle you need to be aware of your surroundings and ready to react   

Stay Safe With These Motorcycle Safety Tips

These 5 easy to follow motorcycle safety tips will help you stay safe when you’re on the road. Riding a motorcycle requires taking extra caution to stay safe. So remember, even if you’re running late for work, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. Drive safe.

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