How to Hire a Bicycle Injury Lawyer: 3 Tips to Remember

Falling off a bike and hurting yourself can lead to significant injuries that may even become life-threatening. These injuries rack up when a vehicle or other factor is involved. 

When you are dealing with one of these types of cases you should know how to bring an attorney onboard that can assist you. 

Keep reading to learn more about hiring a bicycle injury lawyer that can assist you with your case. 

1. Go Get Medical Checkups as Quickly as You Can

It’s important that you take care of your medical care as quickly as possible. That way, you can take an account of the injuries that you’ve endured.

Visit an urgent care facility or emergency room that can give you a medical checkup. Keep track of the bills that you rack up and the types of injuries that you’ve suffered. From there, you can turn to a bicycle accident attorney that can take on whatever injuries you’re dealing with. 

You might have a long road to recovery from your accident injuries, so seek a medical evaluation that comes with MRIs and other scans as quickly as you can. This evidence will help you throughout your case. 

2. Find an Attorney That Can Take on Your Bicycle Accident Case

When you have the help of a lawyer that can take your case, your chances of success will be greater. 

Research the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and various legal databases until you find leads on some attorneys that try bicycle accident cases. These lawyers won’t charge you a fee upfront, but will instead keep a percentage once it’s time to settle. 

Ask people that you know for references and schedule a consultation so that you can feel out the attorney and their ability to try the case. Read carefully through the contract so that you know the terms of agreement for their representation. 

3. Figure Out Whether You Need a Trial or Settlement

It’s also important that you get a feel for how you would like to move forward with your case. It’ll usually either come down to taking the case to court and allowing a judge to sort it out, or getting a settlement with the other party. 

If you decide to go for a settlement, you will likely be talking with insurance companies and getting your damage amounts appraised by experts. Your lawyer will usually keep 33% of the settlement as part of their payment. 

The beauty of having the help of a lawyer is that they see the long-term effects and will work hard to help you get every penny that you deserve. 

Choose an Excellent Bicycle Injury Lawyer 

When you need help from a bicycle injury lawyer, the tips in this article will help you with your legal proceedings. Going through one of these cases can be traumatic and may also lead to debilitating and costly injuries. 

Consider these tips when you are looking into getting help with your personal injury case. Check back with us for information that can assist you with any other legal questions you have.