New Technology to Keep You Looking Young

Beauty can be hard to manage when you are fighting aging. Technology has come a long way, though, and new technology can help to keep you looking young. We are going to look at some of the best technology that will add in your youthful appearance.

Foreo Iris

The Foreo Iris is a device that is made to help you get rid of dark circles under your eyes or any other signs of aging around your eyes. The device works by massaging the eye using T-Sonic tech. Each treatment only takes 30 seconds, so you can have your eyes done in less than 2 minutes.

Two different massage modes are available to keep you relaxed and to match your desires. If you want to get an extra benefit from the device, use your favorite eye cream. The massaging aspect of this device allows you to massage in the cream for further effectiveness. It’s never been this easy to keep you looking young with this kind of new technology.

Foreo UFO

Another Foreo product makes this list, the UFO. This device uses ultrasound to help keep your skin looking perfect. It is a small device that resembles its namesake, a UFO. You simply move it over your face while wearing one of the single use masks and you will help to brighten your skin and erase signs of aging. At the same time it will eliminate that bacteria that causes acne.

The UFO treatment only takes 90 seconds but you do have to buy the single-use masks separately. It’s definitely one of our most recommended new technology to keep you looking young.

ZIIP by Melanie Simon

Melanie Simon is a celebrity esthetician that you may have heard of before. She uses electrical devices to give skin care treatment. Her first take home device is called the ZIIP. It is an extremely powerful electrical device that you use in combination with a skin care lotion to treat target areas for skin problems.

This new technology device comes loaded with several treatment options and more will be available via download soon. According to Melanie Simon, the treatment you get from these devices is very similar to that you would get in her office.


Lightstim made by Lightstim is a MultiWave heat/light device that probes over your skin to nourish the skin while getting rid of unwanted acne. It uses blue and red light to provide heat treatment. It is best used for acne, blemishes, redness, and general skin problems.

These devices have been used by professionals for ages and are now available at your home. Lightstim has a 3 minute timer built in that let’s you know when the treatment is done.


This device may look like something off an alien ship but it is quite effective, and comfortable. The two massaging balls are used to improve skin. You may think this is similar to other rollers you have seen in the past but the metal combined with the unique head design allows it to provide a gripping pressure which is good for the skin.

You will find that it works best along the waist, inside the thighs, neck area, and on the chest. For those who are a little more adventurous you can try the face, jaw line, and underarm. Make sure that you buy the CARAT from ReFa or an authorized reseller as there are a lot of knock offs on the market.

These are some of the best new technologies available today. Investing in some of these can help to keep you looking young for years. We always recommend doing a little research before buying any kind of beauty technology because there are many scams on the market. For each of the technologies listed here we have done the basic research for you.