An Expert’s Guide to Using Kiln-Dried Firewood For Cooking

Wood that has been rough-cut from logs and dried in a dedicated space is known as kiln-dried wood. Kiln drying wood is done for two different reasons. The first step is to lower the moisture content so the wood can be burned while wasting little energy evaporating moisture. There are many advantages to using kiln-dried wood for cooking. It is easier to light and burns faster while creating white smoke. The following are some of the benefits.


Kiln-drying firewood is expensive, but it has some advantages. Kiln-dried firewood like the ones you can find in Cutting Edge Firewood will keep its flavor and moisture level low for up to 75 minutes. In addition, the wood’s internal temperature will be reduced by 10 to 20 percent, preventing mold and mildew from growing. The wood will also be lighter than air-drying kiln firewood for cooking purposes. If you’re looking to save money while cooking with firewood, air-drying is an excellent choice. It doesn’t cost much and can be done in your backyard, where you have ample ventilation and sunlight. Once the wood is dry, you can stack it in a proper wood stack, which is easy to do and inexpensive. This process doesn’t stress the wood but will also produce better color.

Burns Faster

Kiln-dried firewood is a good choice for cooking, as the low moisture content directs energy into heat production. This makes it easier for the fire to stay going for longer, requiring less wood to maintain the fire. Kiln-dried firewood is also safer since it releases less creosote than seasoned firewood. Therefore, it is a good option for restaurants and other establishments that want to be eco-friendly and safe for their customers.

When buying kiln-dried firewood, it is important to check the moisture content before purchasing it. Kiln-dried firewood should have a moisture content of 15 to 20%. If the wood is too dry, it may not burn properly and can damage your stove.

Easier to Light

Kiln-dried firewood is better for cooking because it burns more efficiently and produces brighter flames. This means that you’ll use less wood to keep the fire going. The increased heat and brightness of fire will increase your enjoyment of outdoor cooking. Plus, it will save you a lot of time and effort. Kiln-dried firewood will also last longer than other types of firewood.

Another advantage to using kiln-dried firewood is the lighter weight. This is because naturally dried firewood is heavy and difficult to carry. Kiln-dried firewood is lighter, making it much easier to light and carry. In addition, you won’t have to use lighter fluid or other accelerants to light the firewood.

Bug and Parasite Free

Compared to traditional firewood, kiln-dried wood burns hotter and cleaner requires less storage space, and produces more BTUs. It is also cleaner and more hygienic, with less smoke, ash, and creosote buildup in your chimney. As a result, it is an ideal choice for indoor cooking.

In addition to superior flavor, kiln-dried wood is easier to light. This kind of wood also doesn’t contain any parasites or bugs. Using kiln-dried firewood reduces your cooking energy bills and the risk of fire-related illnesses. Kiln-dried firewood is a healthier alternative to seasoned firewood since it is less likely to contain moisture. Kiln-dried firewood does not need additional preparation before it can be used.