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The Most Important Things to Do to Upgrade Your Bathroom

A renovated bathroom increases the value of your house, modernizes the design, and improves its suitability for your needs. When the remodeling is the best time to include upgrades that will benefit you and your family for many years, if you’re investing in bathroom remodeling, consider implementing one or more of these crucial changes to enhance the room’s usability, storage, and comfort.

Installing a Custom Shower Curtain

Whether adding extra style to your bathroom or wanting to make your Phoenix bathroom remodeling look more stylish, installing a custom shower curtain can be a great way to bring the room together. You can choose from different fabric options, colors, and designs to suit your needs and taste. You can also use recycled materials to make the curtain rod.

You’ll need to determine where you’ll install the rod. Some shower rods have built-in rod pockets and flanges, which make installation easy. Others use mounting hardware to anchor the curtain rod into the wall. Either way, you’ll need to use a stud finder to locate where you’ll drill the screws and fasten the rod. Be sure to tighten the fasteners well, as too much force may damage the rod.

Upgrading a Faucet

One of the easiest home improvement projects is to install a new faucet. The average homeowner can easily accomplish this task, though it is helpful to know the dimensions of your existing faucet before shopping for a new one. Investing in a new faucet will give your bathroom a sleeker look and increase its functionality. In addition, there are many styles and colors to choose from.

Choosing a new faucet can also help you save on your water bill. Homeowners are estimated to waste 10,000 gallons of water every year because of outdated or inefficient plumbing. Even a simple leaky showerhead can waste a great deal of water.

Adding a Splash of Color

Adding a splash of color to your bath can make a huge difference. Changing the color of your bathroom is one way to make the room more vibrant and inviting. Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shell out a big renovation budget. Instead, you can use some simple tips to change the color of your bathroom without compromising its appearance.

Blues and greens are popular colors for bathrooms. They evoke a cool and natural atmosphere and are also refreshing and energizing. However, you can also opt for other colors that are not overly bright or saturated. For example, a splash of blue in a bathroom can help set the mood for a beach holiday or a trip to a tropical paradise. You can also use pastel shades for a more uplifting effect.

Upgrading a Showerhead

Upgrading a showerhead is a simple DIY project that will improve the shower experience and save money on water and energy bills. New shower heads can reduce water consumption by up to 25 percent and use less energy for hot water heating. If you are uncomfortable doing the job yourself, you can call a plumber to install it.

There are several different types of shower heads on the market, from simple, low-flow models to the latest and greatest in water pressure and temperature controls. A new showerhead will cost between $50 and $100, although high-end models can cost as much as $300. In addition, it costs about $75 to buy the necessary tools and supplies and hire a professional installer. A new showerhead may also require a plumber, but this option is more expensive and requires more time.

Adding a Chandelier

A chandelier can add a glamorous touch to a bathroom. It can be hung above the bathtub or near the window. The crystals in a chandelier can match the vanity knobs. Alternatively, you can place it in the center of the room.

One of the most popular bathroom lighting upgrade trends is the addition of a chandelier. Once considered a Victorian design, chandeliers have become a symbol of luxury. Choose from cascading or sleek versions. The style you choose will depend on the theme and feel of your bathroom.