Why We Need To Include Nuts In Our Every Day Diets.

Our medical practitioners are always telling us that we need to eat better food and we need to steer clear of the highly processed foods that we are currently eating. The incidence of obesity and diabetes is increasing all over Asia every single year and unless people start changing what the eat, then they are all going to be heading in the same direction. If it has become quite confusing for you with regards to what you can and cannot eat then you are not alone and many people are going through the same dilemma. There is so much information on the Internet about what is good for us and what is bad for us and it becomes quite confusing after a time.

The one thing that we do know for sure is that ร้าน ขายส่ง น็อต is definitely something that you should be including in your diet because of the many health benefits that they provide. You will find that they will always be incredibly tasty and it is a snack food that is very convenient as well. It is true to say that they are high in fat but it is what is known as the ‘good fat’ and it also offers many additional health and weight benefits. If you are completely unaware of the health benefits of eating nuts on a daily basis then maybe the following can help to educate you somewhat.

  • Full of antioxidants – Due to most of the bad food that we eat, our bodies suffer from oxidative damage and so we need to eat foods that can combat this. Nuts are an essential part of any diet because they contain a high percentage of antioxidants. This kind of food will protect the cells in your body and provide you with the good cholesterol.
  • They help with weight loss – Even though nuts are high calorie, they can help with weight loss and there are been many studies done on this subject that proves that people can lose a significant amount of weight from their waist if they incorporate nuts into their diets.
  • They may lower your cholesterol – Many people nowadays suffer from high cholesterol levels and it’s not the good cholesterol that I am talking about here. Eating nuts helps to raise the good HDL cholesterol in your body and so a handful of these every single day in your mouth can lead to better health outcomes.
  • They taste amazing – As well as the above three benefits, it is fair to say that nuts are the perfect snack especially when on your annual vacation and they are great for putting in your salad as well. They are highly in fibre and this is what your body needs in order to be able to function properly. The other selling point is that they are available everywhere and you can eat them whole or chop them up and put them into your food.

Hopefully now you have a firm appreciation of the value of nuts and why you need to include them in your daily diet.