Why Does a Business Need a Commercial Lawyer?

Hiring a commercial lawyer for your business is a good way to protect your company from a number of threats, both internal and external. Each year, businesses hire attorneys by the thousands to ensure coverage in a number of areas.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the value these practitioners create. Let’s begin! 

Ensures Compliance

First off, a business lawyer can examine the industry your company practices and look for any regulatory vulnerabilities. Rules and regulations vary by country of practice, and what’s allowed in some locations may not be allowed in others. Employing a reputable commercial law firm is a way to mitigate the risk of falling foul of these regulations.

Aids With Dispute Resolution

Next, corporate attorneys can prevent disputes from arising in the first place. This could be between employees, clients, contractors, or anyone else with whom your business has dealings.

If someone does attempt to bring a case against your company, having an attorney will help you provide a strong defense. This can help facilitate negotiations or get the case dismissed entirely.

Helps With Negotiations

And on the topic of negotiating, not every negotiation that you enter will occur as the result of a dispute. Businesses negotiate all the time. That’s true whether you’re talking with customers, suppliers, or other businesses.

An effective attorney can look at contracts. They can tell you the areas where you have a strong position and where you do not. This further strengthens your place at the bargaining table.

Offers Multiple Advisory Points to Businesses

Yet another great reason to hire a commercial lawyer is that they can serve as a business advisor. Depending on the type of business that you’re in, you could end up facing a number of tough strategic decisions capable of impeding or enabling your progress.

For example, you might need to choose a new business model or enter into a joint venture. You might also be considering selling the business or taking it public.

These are all major decisions that come with their own risks and rewards. It’s in your best interests to have an objective third party on hand to help you make these choices.

Protects IP

IP, in the world of business law, is a shorthand for “intellectual property.” IP encompasses the ideas, trademarks, projects, copyrights, and other creations that enable you to do the things that you do. The problem with IP is that something unique you develop can be lifted by another business to essentially create unfair competition.

At least, it can be lifted without the proper protection. That’s where a good corporate law professional can help. They save you money, and they protect your market position. 

Hiring a Commercial Lawyer Can Save and Enhance Your Business

A good commercial lawyer is worth their weight in gold. That’s especially true as your business grows to new heights and inevitably encounters some of the challenges listed above.

A lawyer trained in business law will help you navigate the terrain and pay dividends for years to come. For more legal information and articles, check out some of our additional posts.