When Should I Hire an Insurance Lawyer?

5.2 percent of insured households in the U.S. filed a home insurance claim in 2019. 97.2 percent of those claims were due to property damage, according to the latest statistics.

If you recently sustained property damage and have home insurance coverage, then you may be eligible for compensation. By hiring an insurance lawyer to help support your claim, you can increase your chances of getting a significant payout. 

Although insurance companies often cover claims with no issue, they may try to dispute yours. This is all the more reason why you should hire an attorney.

Keep reading to learn more about why it’s in your best interest to hire an insurance claim lawyer. 

What Can I Hire an Insurance Attorney For?

If you need a lawyer for property damage that your insurance policy disputes, then contact an insurance attorney today.

A company may dispute an insurance claim for any number of reasons. For example, if the claim is large, such as house damage after a hurricane, then they may drag their feet. Regardless of the reason, that should not keep you from getting the insurance coverage you are rightfully owed.

When you work with an experienced home insurance lawyer, they will use their expertise to help move your claim along. 

Can I Hire an Insurance Lawyer if My Claim Was Denied?

Unfortunately, if an insurance company outright denies your claim, then it is unlikely that they will change their position. But, if an insurance attorney were to present new evidence in your favor, for example, then you may be able to get your insurance company to accept your claim.

Likewise, insurance companies aren’t above using shaky reasoning to stall your claim. Yet, insurance companies will be much less likely to try to deny a valid claim if you involve a home insurance lawyer. 

But, don’t wait until after your claim is denied to hire an attorney. And certainly don’t wait to do so after you’ve filed an appeal. Once the insurance company makes its final decision, your only option moving forward is to file a lawsuit in federal court. At this point, excluding an exception, you’ll be unable to admit new evidence. 

Will an Insurance Claim Lawyer Increase My Chance of Success?

It’s in an insurance company’s best interest to figure out how to pay you the least amount possible for your home insurance claim. This is why hiring a home insurance lawyer increases your chances of success. As experts in insurance law, they know how to combat common insurance industry practices that seek to lessen your payout.

Moreover, because many insurance claims are too complicated to handle on your own, hiring an insurance claim lawyer can be the best approach to solving the problem. 

Hire a Home Insurance Lawyer Today

Insurance companies will try every tactic possible to pay you less for your insurance claim. But, by hiring an insurance lawyer, you can beat the insurance companies at their own game. 

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