Why Booming Populations and Road Safety Matter Even More

People seem to be migrating to Colorado in great numbers. With that population increase, the certainty of more people on the road becomes very real, very fast. An increased amount of motorists might mean needing to have a car accident attorney in Colorado on speed dial. Here’s why it’s important to pay attention to booming populations and road safety.

Rising Road Fatalities

In 2022, Colorado roadways saw 754 fatalities, the largest number of road-related deaths since the early 1980s.  According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, that is a 57 percent jump in the past decade alone. Since 1958, Colorado’s population has increased by a little more than 250 percent. That number is expected to grow even larger by 2030, according to some estimates.

Heavily populated areas inevitably experience more road traffic and larger numbers of motorists. As the number of Coloradans continues to grow, so does the potential for road accidents.

Different People, Different States

Colorado is a land full of unique terrain and specific road laws. People who move to the state are coming from other states and countries for all sorts of reasons. However, it doesn’t mean that they understand how to navigate traffic laws or Colorado’s landscape.

While it’s a learning curve that anyone would have to overcome when moving to a different place, it is also a ripe opportunity for accidents to happen. Due to their lack of understanding of legalities and environmental conditions, a person who doesn’t understand how to, for example, watch for elk at night, might run into an animal or another car.

Safe Driving Initiatives

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, there are four main causes of road accidents in the state. These include:

  • Lack of seat belts
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Impaired Driving

The agency advocates driver education and training about road laws in the state, with the hopes that motorists’ comprehensive understanding of road safety will help deter auto accidents. The state’s transportation department actually provides funding to communities throughout Colorado to educate motorists. This is particularly important for people who are moving to The Centennial State.

Educated drivers are great, but not always a reality. While accidents are sometimes impossible to prevent, every driver can do their part to help deter unnecessary road injuries. However, it doesn’t mean that they will.

If any driver in Colorado is involved in an accident, they should make sure to have the insurance information they need. However, the next call should be to an attorney. Obtaining legal representation as soon as possible will help protect their rights.