What You Need to Consider When Investing in Artwork and Paintings

When you are looking at investing in paintings and artwork, it is important that you have the right approach. Purchasing pieces on a whim or in a rush can be dangerous, as you could end up wasting your money on fakes or dupes. Understanding what you want to purchase (and why) and planning your search will make the process less risky and much more enjoyable.

Learning to Spot the Fakes

There are a lot of fakes and dupes around; some can be purchased for the same price as the originals. You must learn to spot these fakes. Enhance your knowledge about artists and the work they created. Embrace learning, and understand what fakes offer that genuine artwork doesn’t. For example, fakes are often painted onto a different type of canvas. Or they often feature cleaner lines and neater brushstrokes that are more intentional.

Understanding the Style

There are many styles you must understand (and learn about) when looking at paintings and artwork. For instance, you may find that you want to understand Renaissance painting. Or you may decide you want to focus your time and effort on understanding impressionist painting. Different styles of painting and artwork are often reflective of an era or period. Understanding what you like about a period of a particular style and establishing the influences behind your purchase will help you make an investment that you enjoy looking at.

Purchasing From Reputable Sellers

Not all sellers online and offline are reputable. Some are out to make a quick profit, while others are there to help you find a piece of artwork you will love and cherish for many years to come. To find a reputable seller, you need to look at feedback and recommendations. What have other buyers said about past transactions with them? If you are looking at purchasing from an online seller, it can be more difficult to establish the reputation and authenticity of a product, especially if they are selling through a third party or a marketplace. Making use of trusted review sites and doing a bit of background research on a seller will help you find trusted sellers and dealers.

How Much Do You Want to Invest

Artwork and paintings can vary in cost. Some pieces can be purchased for under $100, while others can go for tens of thousands of dollars. You will find artwork and paintings at under $100 will be priced this way if the artist is new and just building a name for themselves. Pieces or collections that are more costly than this (and in the four-digit plus range) will be collectibles, and they will most likely hold their value. When you are purchasing or adding to a collection you have started, you need to have a budget in mind. How much do you want to spend and invest? Are you looking at holding onto a new piece of artwork for many years to come? If so, are you willing to spend more to obtain it? This will guide you in the direction of finding the right artwork for you.