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What is Digital Data Privacy?

A heated debate is underway where tech giants are at loggerheads over the protection of individual data privacy. Tech giants Google and Apple appear on opposite poles regarding policy and regulation on information obtained from their users.

When surfing the Internet, most people take for granted that their online privacy has been honoured by the different platforms we engage in. From Google searches – social media and email account information is used and sold to advertisers or third parties.

This has raised awareness for decisive regulations and action on search engine privacy for users making use of online platforms.

How Does Google Store and Use Your Personal Data?

Whether you have an account opened on Google or not, the tech giant can gain information about its users. The tech giant informs their users that google data collection is dependent on “how you use our services and how you manage your privacy controls.”

For users not signed in, Google data collection is made possible from information obtained by identifying your IP address, location, device and other information which makes user data tracking possible.

Based on your managed privacy controls, the tech giant will also use the information so that third parties can inform you of their products and services based on a profile generated by Google to optimize targeted advertising and marketing.

What Are the Best Ways to Protect Your Digital Data?

There are numerous ways you can protect your digital data from invasive malware and tracking software. With just a few tweaks on your browser or installing software for extra protection, you make it possible to have a secure search engine catering to your specific preferences.

Search engines will provide the user with digital data protection tools to tailor-make their level of protection. These may consist of selecting relevant cookies, password protection, and advice on safeguarding against malicious sites.

There are tools like VPNs, data removal companies, or a browsing history purge that assist in getting your personal data removed.

Downloadable software can be used as an extension to block any third-party intrusion and malware that would interrupt your browsing experience.

How Can You Make Anonymous Online Searches & Get the Most Out of It?

An understanding of digital privacy to understand the information that you can share and the information you will want to protect at all costs. This will give value when you make a selection as to which software will be best suited to protect your privacy.

An anonymous search engine will allow the user to make use of their service in total anonymity and will not save or make use of any personal information. According to reviews, DuckDuckGo is one such search engine providing the most comprehensive online anonymity.

Users can secure web browsing from attackers by installing anti-virus software, or an option for private internet browsing. Through a new tab on google, this option is accessible by clicking the incognito option found in the top right corner.

Users have to recognise the value of their private information and protect against open vulnerabilities this may cause. Reviewing a search engine’s privacy policy