What Is Construction Site Development?

Site development must be flawless. Construction is a complex activity that involves many people working together. When working on a large building project, ensuring you are within the local and federal environmental laws is important.

What Is Involved in Construction?

Essentially construction is any activity that involves building something. An individual or company can do this. It can involve:

  • Land clearing
  • Grading
  • Grubbing
  • Excavation
  • Building

Each of these activities is part of constructing a building or structure. 

What Is Site Development?

Construction site development involves a few different steps. These steps are crucial to a construction project. 


Most construction projects begin with a site survey. A surveyor comes out and marks your structure’s horizontal and vertical locations.

Land Testing

In many construction projects, knowing what you are building on is important. This means you must do soil and ecological testing to ensure you are not building on a toxic or contaminated site.

There are different classes of soil and contamination. If you are unaware of what you are building on, you could be subject to a lawsuit later on. Also, your structure could shift or collapse if the soil is too soft or loose. 


Once you are sure your site is suitable for building, clearing can begin. This means leveling the soil and clearing trees and shrubs. 


During the investigation phase, you need to look at environmental factors such as:

  • Groundwater conditions
  • Rock composition
  • Flood conditions

The investigation ensures that you are not impacting the environment and that your building will not be subjected to flooding and is up to code.

Site Planning

This is where engineers come up with the exact plan for your structure. This is also known as a blueprint or plot plan. It is the plan for the completion of your construction project.

Each step in the development process is extremely important. It will ensure that your structure is safe and sound.