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What Are the Different Types of Lotteries That Are Played Today?

You might be surprised to hear that the average adult in the US spends about $313 per year on lottery tickets. Now, while that number might seem low, that actually adds up to entries in quite a few lotteries!

Speaking of quite a few lotteries, there are multiple lotteries in the United States. So, what are they? Let’s take a look at the gambling industry and the different lottery games you can play. 

The Lotto

The lotto is the oldest and most famous lottery game out there. This one is often called the Mega Millions lottery. 

The Mega Millions lottery is super simple. All you have to do is pick 6 numbers. If the numbers you picked are drawn in that exact order, you win the lottery!

There are other ways to win, too, such as if you have matches on five numbers or less. While you won’t get the jackpot, you might still be a winner. 


In many states, there are lotteries called dailies that you can play twice per day. All you have to do for these are choose a series of numbers either in a chosen order or in random order. 

If you go for chosen order, known as playing straight, you get much bigger earnings. If you choose the numbers in a random order, you’ll still win, but the payouts are likely lower. 

You can view this site to learn more about dailies and what’s available in your area.

Little Lotto

Little Lotto is sort of like the Mega Millions except with a smaller payout and better odds. With the Little Lotto, you don’t have to pick as many numbers. 

The Little Lotto gets drawn as often as once a day, so you can try your luck far more often. That could mean you win far more often!

Scatch Cards

Scratch cards, or instant win games, are lottery tickets where you scratch at the card. If you get a certain set of numbers or pictures on your card, you can win big. 

Sometimes, the payouts on these cards are pretty big. Other times, it’s just a few dollars or is for a free ticket.

What’s fun about these tickets is that you know whether or not you’ve won as soon as you have the ticket in your hand. Just start scratching to see how your luck is going!

Multi-State Games

Some states offer multi-state games. These games are lotteries that are run across three specific states. 

The reason why these lotteries are great is that they help increase the jackpot while limiting the number of players. In other words, you’re more likely to take home the winnings!

Try Your Luck at One of the Many Lotteries

Now that you have some more information on the different lotteries out there, you can try your luck at different games and boost your lottery chances! Who knows? Maybe today will be your lucky day!

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