What Are Nursing Home Injuries And How To Recognise Them

In case an elderly person suffers from any type of physical injury during their long-term stay at a nursing home or care facility center, that particular type of injury is considered a nursing home injury. 

With growing age, the risk of some particular type of injuries increases, and also the injuries become severe. 

Different Types Of Nursing Home Injuries

When we are talking about nursing home injuries, they can be of different types. And when you are sensing that your elderly loved one is being abused or a victim of nursing home negligence, you should know about the different types of nursing home injuries. 

This way, you will be able to identify which injuries are just a small incident and which injuries need your legal attention. 

Bruises And Scratches

Bruises and scratches are the most common types of injuries to look out for when your loved one is in a nursing home. An individual can accidentally bump into something. Still, bruises or scratches on suspicious or unusual parts of the body are indeed a sign of concern. 

Bed Sores

For all those residents who are bed-bound, developing bed sores are quite common. Usually, these particular types of injuries are the result of unrelieved pressure on the skin. It indicates that your patient is not moved for long periods of time. 


Due to weak immune systems and also ongoing medical treatment, residents in nursing homes are more likely to get infections. Some common types of infections include respiratory infections. UTI, STIs, and a lot more. 

Although infections are not a direct sign of nursing home abuse. But if a patient or resident has developed any type of infection, the nursing home should take the necessary steps to treat that and take proper care. In case these steps are not taken, it should be considered a form of abuse. 


A concussion is another common nursing home injury. This particular head injury is caused by trauma to the brain. It can happen from falls or blows to the head. These can result in long-term health issues. 

You might get confused between the symptoms and signs of concussion with mental issues. Usually, concussion includes the following. 

  • Complaints of headaches and neck pain. 
  • Confusion. 
  • Mood swings. 
  • Slowing of thinking. 

Dehydration Or Malnutrition

These can also happen a lot due to a lot of other issues or health conditions, but they also can be the result of nursing home abuse. When the residents are being neglected to assist with drinking and eating, this can occur. 

Also, the nursing home staff or caregivers are responsible for monitoring both drink and food intakes. These can be the effect of medical neglect and social and emotional neglect.

How To Recognise Nursing Home Injuries

So, now you know about the most common types of nursing home injuries. It is time to know how to identify all those injuries that are the result of nursing home neglect. You either can hire a nursing home injury lawyer who will be able to guide you properly. 

The professional will not only help you to identify the injuries but also with the legal proceedings that you need to take in case your loved one is sustained from nursing home injuries. 

Still, it will be best if you know the basics all by yourself. 

Any type of physical injury has to be reported at the facility. Now, in case they are classified as unknown injuries, then here you go. You should consider the severity of the injury here. Apart from that, the part of the body where the injury is or the number of injuries that are observed at a point of time or over a certain period of time. 

All these will help you to determine that it is a case of abuse. 

In case the elderly are being emotionally abused, you will find a sudden change in their normal behavior. They might become afraid of their caregiver, appear withdrawn, or so much more. 

It is best to be in touch with your elderly loved one who is in a nursing home or under the care of someone else. In case you think that your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, you immediately should report it and get legal help. 


Nursing home injuries can become really severe and also might result in serious health issues that can be there for longer terms. Breaking bones, head injuries, bed sores, and a lot more nursing home injuries should not only be treated as soon as possible but also should require legal attention