Does Size Really Matter?

Does size really matter? We asked escorts in Sydney Australia!! It is a question that almost every man wonders at some point in his life, especially when he has nothing to compare his own size to.

Though all of us know what this question refers to directly, i.e. does your penis size matter while having sex, and while many of us overthink it, the point is we see this issue from the surface and do not try to find factual answers to it.

The thing is, there is no one answer to this question as the question itself is subjective in nature and the right answer can vary from person to person. But in this blog, we will discuss various factors and try to find the answer to the question in detail so that you can have a more logical and concrete understanding, if size really does matter.

  1. Experience:

The first thing that we should consider is that it is not just about the penis size directly, it is about the experience as a whole. It’s like your salary does not define your job satisfaction, it is your work hours, colleagues, work-life balance, and work environment as well.

In short, it is how your job makes you feel at the end of the day. The same is with the sex. It is not about what size your penis is is, but rather about the quality of the experience you are capable of giving your partner in a whole.

And the experience can include understanding, preferences and priorities, and the overall dynamics of the relationship. If your relationship with your partner is healthy, be certain that penis size is of secondary importance and your partner does not even think about it when they are with you.

On the other hand, if your relationship is not healthy, be certain that no number of inches of your penis will be able to keep your partner happy with you.

  1. Intuition:

Does size really matter? Is it even a legit question or have we just made it up based upon intuition? Like, how much do you worry about the size of your hands, or how much does your partner care about the size of your feet?

Penis and hands are two different things but they both are there to help you do something, but, you must be able to do all of your daily tasks without any problem regardless of the size of your hands. 

Similarly, a person with bigger hands does not have any significant advantage over someone with small hands. 

These points show that the perception that we have that the bigger the better is merely based upon our intuition. And to find the right answer to it, we need to use a better way of acquiring information, and that is testimony from someone who is on the receiving end of it.

  1. Physiology & Anatomy:

Before we move on to testimonial, let us understand the physiology and anatomy of those at the receiving end of a penis so that we know what things might they be basing their answers upon.

If you have a little knowledge of a woman’s anatomy, you would know that a vagina is an elastic organ that can adapt in shape and accommodate anything ranging from a tampon to a baby.

But a vagina is not always big enough to accommodate a baby. It is only when a woman has to deliver a baby when the vagina expands that much.

Under normal conditions, an average vaginal canal is around 2.5 to 3 inches long and when aroused, it can elongate up to 4 to 6 inches.

The fact that we are trying to state here is that a vagina will only become as deep as the thing being penetrated inside it makes it, which means, any size will be able to fill up a vagina because the vagina is adapting to it.

Moreover, only the first 2 to 4 inches of a vagina are sensitive, or at least the most sensitive, and are responsible for most of the sexual stimulation. If the deeper the better was true, a woman would never be able to reach an orgasm by fingering.

Similarly, the average penis size in Australia is 5.24 inches, which means even if you think that you would not be able to fill your partner up, you will still be able to stimulate all of her most sensitive regions.

  1. Testimonial:

Now let’s come towards testimonials, our only hope to reach a conclusion.

When surveys were conducted on female escorts of different age groups in Australia, each one had her own answer to the question and there was not a single hard no or hard yes.

There were three major answers including, it does not matter, it depends, and to some extent.

The survey was concluded with the finding that there is no one answer to it as every woman has her own preferences and it can’t be like one size fits all.

Moreover, the category of answers ‘it depends’ hinted that other factors also contribute to the fact that how much does the size matter. Similarly, it was also possible for a woman to have different types of experiences with two different guys of a big size, depending on the “other factors”.

So with testimonials, we have a somewhat better answer but we are still not there because there are emotions and miscellaneous factors involved. To deal with that, let’s move towards purely physical factors.

  1. Too Big:

Australian women who were with guys with too big of a penis reported that the experience was uncomfortable, unpleasurable, and even painful for them.

It was because it required a lot of lube, it felt harsh and in extreme cases, it hit the cervix.

  1. Too Small:

Australian women who had been with guys who were two small reported that the size was not that big of a problem, it was that the guy acted under confident and “like they were not worthy enough” that took away from their masculinity rather than the size of their penis. 

  1. Conclusion:

The conclusion brings us back to point 1, that is, it is not about the size and there is no one answer to the question as everyone has different preferences, but the quality of the experience plays a determining role in it.

Moreover, we learned that physiology and anatomy do not really support the point that size matters. If you want some advice on your naughty parts make sure to book an escort of Skissr, the  best adult directory anywhere.