7 Reasons Creating Videos for Marketing will Make You More Successful

The traditional marketing strategies have started to become less effective with time. What many industries are now realizing is that using digital marketing and incorporating video and image-based content has become a powerful way to promote their brand or product. They plan out campaigns where they use media platforms, such as television or social media, to market their company. 

Plus, billions of people worldwide have access to the internet, and it’s far easier to build an audience using the internet. That’s why creating videos for marketing has become one of the best ways to promote a business. It brings a lot of other great benefits, which you’ll learn about in this article.

1. Attracts Attention 

The first few seconds of any kind of advertisement are the most crucial seconds. Why? Because in those few initial seconds, you need to draw a person’s attention, which is difficult to do. 

Videos, however, are a great way to attract someone’s attention in a matter of seconds and can easily keep your viewers hooked. The first few seconds need to be interesting and compelling enough to keep the focus of the viewer. Interesting enough to get them to interrupt their scrolling and pay attention to what your video has to say.

2. Boosts Conversations

When people have the chance to see a company’s product being used in a video, there’s a high chance that the viewer might buy it. People want to see live-action, and when they get to see how a product fully works through a legitimate video, they’ll be more persuaded into trying it out for themselves.

Website videos also encourage viewers to stay on their page for a longer time. In addition, it motivates them to explore your company’s website. This is especially practical for those who don’t like reading description paragraphs. 

3. Attracts New Customers

When it comes to reaching a different audience and drawing in new customers, video marketing never goes wrong. You can produce a video and post it online, especially across various social media platforms, such as Youtube or TikTok. 

The great thing about using social media to promote your brand is that it can be very affordable. Plus, social media platforms give you the opportunity to pay for video ads, which helps spread your content a lot more. 

4. Builds Trust

All kinds of marketing have the same foundation: trust and relationships. Once you’ve established a good, solid relationship with your customer, you know you can depend on them to aid you in spreading the news about your company. Video content, once again, carries this out well. 

Videos engage users better and know how to stir emotions using moving images and texts. They allow you to tell a story and hype people up over your brand. Depending on how you tell that story, you’ll earn the trust of many people and assure them that they can use your product without the fear of falling into fraud.

5. Google Prefers Video Content

It’s always better if viewers spend a long time on your website. Videos encourage this, which will show search engines such as Google that your site contains engaging content. However, your videos need to be optimized for SEO too, such as by using the right keywords in your titles or descriptions. 

6. Videos Communicate Ideas Better

If you want your idea to come across as clearly as possible, there’s no better way than using a video for that. Creating a video to promote your product or service can be a lot easier for your users to follow than with context. For example, making a video demonstrating how your service or products work gives viewers a better understanding and will be more inclined to buy your item. 

Even when it comes to explaining a difficult concept, videos can simplify your complicated ideas and make them understandable for everyone. You can get creative to bring your vision to life, like an animation, for example. 

7. Videos Make People Reshare

Social media videos has made it easy to re-share or re-post content with a tap of a button. If your video is engaging enough, the viewer can repost or share with other followers, drawing more people to your brand.

 How to Plan for a Video

Before planning out a video marketing strategy, you need to have your ideas clear in mind. Ask yourself, “what’s the purpose of my video?” Once you have your answer, any next decision you make will be to fulfill the video’s purpose. 

Without a purpose, you’ll find yourself changing ideas, re-shooting, and re-editing over and over again, eventually wasting a bunch of your time. Other questions you should ask yourself:

  • Who’s your audience?
  • What’s your goal?
  • When do you want to release it?
  • What’s the budget?
  • What are the requirements?
  • What will make it successful?
  • Who are your competitors?

Obtaining the answers to these questions will help you plan out an effective video marketing strategy. There are also different kinds of videos you can create!

Demo Videos

Demo videos are the ones that show off your product and how it works. The video can consist of you taking your viewers on a virtual tour, unboxing the item, or putting it to the test.

Brand videos

Then, you have brand videos, which involve a much larger advertising campaign. They showcase your company’s mission, idea, or service. The main purpose behind brand videos is to create awareness around your brand and stir curiosity in your viewers. 

Expert Interviews

Another type of video marketing is creating videos that capture interviews with the industry’s top professionals and experts or leaders. When you have someone of experience and high authority as the subject of your video, it makes it easier for your viewers or users to trust your brand. 

Start Creating Videos for Marketing

If you really want to start spreading the word and making your company grow, creating videos for marketing strategies will get you there. They require careful planning and time but, if you do it right, you’re business will grow a lot faster in a matter of no time. 

If you want to keep learning great tips on marketing strategies, have a look at our other posts or leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of this article!