5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Online Cannabis Stores

Cannabis sales are, for lack of a better term, at an all-time high with the industry’s net worth set to hit $41.5 billion by 2025.

Part of the reason why sales are so strong is sheer convenience. Online cannabis stores make it easier for customers to get their favorite strains delivered right to their doors.

Buying online can be a great option, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve considered the following five factors before making your purchase.

1. Delivery Methods

Say you’re browsing a site that promises it can deliver anywhere in the world in a matter of days. Sounds shady, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a good reason.

Make no mistake, purchasing and shipping cannabis isn’t legal everywhere — particularly in the United States. Currently, only 18 states have legalized marijuana. However, shipping marijuana qualifies as trafficking and is therefore illegal.

With that said, if you live in a state that has legalized different cannabis products, a retail store can offer delivery services.

2. Online Reviews

Even if you find a local dispensary or CBD store, you might want to think twice before placing that order. Be sure to check for online customer reviews first to see if they’re legit.

Watch out for stores that only have a few reviews, too. The more reviews a website has, the more comfortable you can feel shopping there.

When you do find customer reviews, be sure to read a good selection of both positive and negative.

3. Site Security

Buying cannabis online can already feel shady. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your information is going to get intercepted.

Only purchase through websites that use the HTTPS prefix visible in the URL bar. These sites encrypt your data so it’s safe and secure.

Harvest House of Cannabis is a good example. Note that their website features an extra layer of security.

4. Refund Policies

From broken items or improper labels on products to regretful purchases, you might need to make a return from time to time. This shouldn’t be a hassle in most cases.

Just make sure the store clearly outlines their refund policies so you don’t run into any nasty surprises.

If a store doesn’t list its refund policies, you’re better off shopping elsewhere. Chances are they’re going to take your money and run.

5. Prices

You want the best rate possible, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality, either. So how can you find the best cannabis products?

Comparing cannabis prices is always your best bet. Use the above criteria. If a store checks all of those boxes, your final step is to make sure you’re getting the best rates.

Aside from checking a store’s website, you can contact them via social media to see what promotions they’re running.

What to Consider When Buying From Online Cannabis Stores

Buying cannabis products online can seem scary. But if you follow the guidelines listed above, your purchase should stay on the level and you won’t have to worry about any trouble.

For more tips on buying from cannabis stores and making sure you get the best rates, check back with our blog!