Vanity Numbers – A Game-Changer For Small Businesses and Startups

Vanity phone numbers are customizable toll-free or local numbers that spell out words and phrases relevant to your business. These are great for marketing campaigns and capturing new business. A vanity number that spells out a word like 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-LAUNDRY is more likely to stay in the mind of customers. This helps them remember your brand, which increases customer loyalty.

Easy to Remember

A vanity number is a great way to make your business easy for customers to remember. You can find a number that spells out your business name or choose a memorable word or phrase related to your product or service. Vanity numbers are especially effective when you use them across all your marketing channels, such as social media, websites, and print ads. Vanity numbers can also be toll-free, so customers won’t have to pay any call charges when contacting you. Depending on your business needs, you can also set up routing rules that direct calls to the right person at the right time of day. While selecting a vanity number, try to keep it as short as possible. This will help people memorize it faster and more easily. You can also get creative if you buy 713 phone number and can create an icon out of its letters, which increases brand recognition. Just be sure that the word or phrase you select is relevant to your brand and aligned with its value proposition.

Get More Calls

People who can easily recall your business number are more likely to call you. Vanity phone numbers help increase your calls by making it easier for customers and prospects to remember and dial. This makes it easier for them to reach out to you about a product or service, which results in more sales opportunities. Vanity numbers can be local or toll-free and used with various business phone services. The toll-free option is great if you serve clients nationwide, allowing your customers to reach you without paying any call charges. Local numbers, on the other hand, are best if you are focused on serving a specific geographical area.

For example, you advertise in a local newspaper or on bumper stickers on your company vehicles. In that case, using a locally-based vanity number is a good idea to attract more customers in your geographic region. 

Build Your Brand

When you have a catchy, memorable number, it becomes an extension of your brand. It sticks in people’s minds, so they remember your company name or what you do without looking it up every time. This saves them time, effort, and energy and gives them a competitive advantage. Vanity numbers that reflect what you do are even more effective at building brand identity and making customers more likely to remember you. 

Ensure you use your new vanity number on all your marketing materials, including social media profiles, email signatures, and websites. You can also display your new number on company vehicles or in print and digital advertising. Say it out loud to make sure it is easy to remember and try it out on friends or family members so they can confirm they know how to dial it. If it doesn’t stick, you should change it.

Get More Leads

Vanity numbers can boost sales by giving potential customers the impression that your business is always available to assist them with their needs. Whether you use an 800 or a local number, a vanity phone number lets customers know there’s someone to call when they need help. When paired with a virtual phone system, Vanity phone numbers also allow you to manage the volume of calls by offering features like auto-attendant and customized greetings that let callers route themselves to the appropriate person or department.

In addition, a vanity number can convey a semantic meaning that helps businesses establish their brand identity. For example, 1-800-CAMPING can immediately tell prospective customers about the company’s camping equipment. Vanity numbers also work well for establishing brand loyalty by helping customers remember your line, which can increase the chances of them reaching out when they’re ready to purchase. If you opt for a toll-free number, you can get more insight into your inbound lead activity by pairing it with a call-tracking service.

Increase Sales

If your business specializes in a specific product or service, incorporate the name of it into your vanity number. This will allow customers to easily associate the phone number with your company and increase brand recognition. Vanity numbers are also great for increasing sales in marketing and advertising campaigns. When people see your company’s number on TV, radio, or a website, it will be easier for them to remember. Moreover, it will also help them recall the company’s name, which can lead to increased call volume and sales. Vanity numbers are available in toll-free and local prefixes and can be used to target both national and international audiences. They can be used with a virtual phone system to provide customers with a seamless experience and track calls from varying marketing channels.