The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Human Hair Wig

If you’re looking to transform your look for a special occasion or suffer from hair loss, wigs can give you the confidence and versatility you want. But finding the perfect human hair wig can be challenging.

This thorough guide will assist you in navigating the world of human hair wigs and selecting a look that is ideal for you.


Whether you’re transitioning to MTF transgender life or want to add some sexy glam, selecting the perfect human hair wigs is essential. Choosing the right size, color, and style can make all the difference in your appearance. With extra care, your wig can last years and look as good as new!

When measuring a human hair wig, the circumference of your head is one of the most important factors. This measurement should be taken around the hairline at the forehead, over the ears, and behind the nape of the neck. Be sure to keep the tape level and tight for the most accurate reading.

Your face’s shape should also be considered when selecting a wig. Square faces should avoid long straight styles, while oval faces can experiment with various styles. Round faces should aim for fullness and height at the crown and avoid chin-length hair and center partings. Heart-shaped faces should choose styles that soften width and add depth to the jawline.


When it comes to selecting a wig length, there are several factors that you need to consider. For example, you should decide whether you want human hair or a synthetic wig. Wigs of human hair cost more money but have a more realistic appearance. Synthetic wigs are less expensive but may look less natural. It would be best to consider how much maintenance you will do with your wig.

The length of your wig will also determine how it looks on you. For example, if you have a square face shape, select a wig with face-framing layers that will soften your features and add dimension to your face.

Another thing to consider is the texture of your wig. For instance, a straight wig will usually appear as the specified length, but a wavy or curly wig may seem shorter than the specified length. You can browse customer reviews to make an informed selection if you still need to decide about the selected texture type.

Lace Color

A wig can be colored like real hair, but it’ll last much longer with the right technique and care. Be sure to use color-safe hair products and avoid using hot tools on your wig. Testing your dye on a small wig section is also important before applying it to the entire piece. Lastly, store your wig properly and use a leave-in conditioner regularly.

A human hair wig should match your skin tone to look natural. If you have cool skin undertones, choose a warm-toned shade like the honey blonde or burgundy lace front wig. If you have warm skin undertones, a cooler-toned shade such as 613 or mushroom brown will complement your coloring.

With a wide range of colors and a breathable rose net, this wig is a great choice for people who want to change their style without damaging their natural hair. It’s also a great option for women losing their hair due to medical conditions. The wig has adjustable straps and combs that make it simple to fasten and fit.


If you’re a crossdresser, choosing the right wig style can greatly impact your appearance. There are two main options to consider: human hair and synthetic. Human hair wigs are more expensive but can give a more realistic appearance. On the other hand, synthetic wigs are usually less expensive but may provide less styling versatility.

Understanding the difference between processed and unprocessed human hair is important before selecting a wig. Processed hair has been dyed and chemically treated, while unprocessed hair is naturally colored and will last longer.

Once you’ve selected a wig, caring for it properly is crucial to keep it looking its best. Always rinse a wig with cool water before washing it, and use a shampoo specifically formulated for color-treated hair. After every wash, you should also condition your wig and spritz with hairspray to help it hold its shape.


As you can imagine, human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs. However, the quality of human hair is unmatched by anything else and is well worth the extra cost for many people.

The construction of the cap and hair will determine how much a human hair wig costs. Some manufacturers hand tie the hair into the wig cap, while others use a machine or a combination. The more hand-tied a wig is, the more expensive it will be. For example, a high-quality wig with a lace front can cost up to $400.

Choosing the perfect wig is an exciting and overwhelming process. With so many wig colors, lengths, and styles, it can easily get lost and swayed by the options. However, finding your ideal wig is a breeze with the right information! Just take the time to fully understand the 4 Cs of wigs before you begin your search. With a little tender love and care, your wig will last for years!