Top Reasons Why You Should Become a Notary

Suppose you want to work as a freelancer. In that case, notary certification is a valuable skill that helps you earn extra income. Unlike most gigs, your notary services are insulated from economic instability because documents need authentication regardless of the economy.

Notaries can also use their skills to make an impact as remote testimony witnesses in small claims cases. 

Fraud Prevention

Many businesses regularly use notary services, including law firms, public and private schools, car dealerships, insurance companies, and even healthcare facilities. Adding notary certification to your resume can help you land a job in those fields and may even improve your hiring chances at current employers.

Notaries also serve a vital role in fraud prevention. They verify a signer’s identity, ensure the document is original, and check that they are not acting under threat or with coerced consent. In addition, Notaries are required to record critical details of the notarization in a journal, which helps deter fraudulent activities in the future.

Moreover, some notaries offer remote online notarization (RON) services, which provide additional security and efficiency. This technology allows you to communicate with clients via video call and perform a notarization without meeting in person. This can be especially beneficial for borderline introverts who want to work from home. RON is backed by solid encryption to protect your personal and confidential information.


But, you must first learn and understand to become a notary Illinois. Becoming a notary gives you flexibility and the ability to earn supplemental income. Whether you want to add to your current salary or save for specific financial goals, you can set your schedule and serve clients outside regular business hours.

Clients appreciate your on-the-go convenience and personalized attention. You can save them the trouble of getting in their car to go somewhere or rearranging their schedules by coming directly to them at their home, work, or another location they prefer.

The profession requires meticulous attention to detail, which can help you avoid expensive lawsuits and revocation of your commission. It also exposes you to complex state regulations that take some work to keep up with. Yet, notaries are well suited to adapt to challenges and remain relevant. This resilience and adaptability are evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, where many notaries offered remote and electronic notarization services.

Earning Potential

Being a notary can be an excellent way to earn supplemental income. This can be especially useful for individuals trying to save for specific financial goals or needing help covering unexpected expenses.

Many businesses also benefit from having a commissioned notary on staff. Law firms, public and private schools, banks, car dealerships, insurance companies, healthcare facilities, and real estate companies regularly utilize notary services. Many of these organizations are willing to pay for a notary’s fees as commission on top of the average salary.

By marketing your mobile notary service to these industries and client segments, you can expand your client reach, increase revenue potential, and stand out from competitors in your market. This can give you a competitive edge, boost your work-life balance, and provide a more diversified experience as a notary. By being able to travel directly to clients’ locations, you can deliver a more personalized and customer-centric experience.

Real-World Experience

Notaries are trusted individuals who contribute to society by ensuring the authenticity and integrity of essential documents. This sense of responsibility can give notaries a strong work ethic and professional pride.

Low startup costs and high demand for notary services provide individuals with a viable source of supplemental income. Specializing in additional services can also increase an individual’s earning potential.

Working flexible hours allows notaries to accommodate their commitments, including attending family events and spending time on hobbies or personal errands. This flexibility can lead to a healthier work-life balance and reduced stress levels.

Notaries can work in various settings, including banks, law firms, insurance companies, healthcare facilities, and real estate firms. This diversity can make for a more exciting career and provide networking opportunities across various industries.