This Is How to Use a Hookah the Correct Way

Did you know that 1 in every 13 high school student has smoked hookah before? That’s about 7.8% of high school students. 

If you’re curious about getting started smoking, then you might wonder how to use a hookah. While this might seem tough to figure out, there’s hope. Read this article on how to use a hookah the right way today!

Hookah Setup

When you’re wondering how to use a hookah you’ll first need to set it up. You’ll first need to fill the base with water to the appropriate level. 

Next, place the stem into the base. Place the circular metal tray at the top of the stem piece. Use a clay bowl at the top of the stem. You’ll then need a hose on one side of the midsection. 

Test it and make sure that there’s no air pressure or bubbles. Once you do this, you can place shisha into the bowl. Keep it level with the rim. 

Use a cut foil that’s in a round or square shape. It needs to be larger than the diameter of the bowl. Place it over the bowl and ensure that it’s airtight. 

Use a lighter in order to light the coals. When you’re using a hookah, you’ll want to have tongs as you’re using the coals. 

How Does a Hookah Work?

When exploring the different types of hookahs, you might wonder how they work exactly. First, heated charcoal is on the side of the aluminum foil. Once you inhale from the hose, there’s a suction force that moves past the coal. 

It heats the tobacco underneath it. This then leads to the smoke that’s produced. The smoke goes down the stem and through the water. Cool smoke will then fill the base. 

Picking Shisha

Shisha is the type of tobacco that you smoke with hookah. It can come in a variety of flavors for you to enjoy. Check out different highly-rated brands before you pick a pleasant flavor of your choice. 

When you’re ready to begin smoking shisha, don’t smoke on an empty stomach. It can cause you to feel sick or lightheaded if you do this. 

If you’re heading to a hookah bar, it’s much easier to get started. They’ll bring the hookah to you already set up.

If you have any questions, you can ask them for help. As you pack the bowl, you’ll want it to be as filled as possible. Keep in mind that it’s still tobacco so you’ll want to start light and smoke slowly.

Exploring How To Use a Hookah

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how to use a hookah. Take your time looking at the different hookahs and flavors that you can choose from.

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