The Best Invoice Apps for Managing Client Payments

Late payments cost small businesses $3 trillion a year. About 54% of small businesses expect invoices to get paid late.

Those statistics are unnerving because you depend on invoices getting paid on time. Late payments cause you to miss your own payments, such as payroll and vendor payments.

You can use invoice apps to keep track of invoices and improve your accounts receivable processes. It’s the best way to manage your cash flow and get your business financials on track.

1. QuickBooks Accounting

QuickBooks is widely used among small businesses and freelancers. The software has a full suite of accounting and invoicing options.

You can connect invoices to your bank accounts, accept payments, create invoices on your phone and email them to customers.

Customers can pay the invoice by clicking on the Pay Now button. QuickBooks does charge 2.9% plus 25 cents per credit card transaction.

2. Wave Financial

Wave offers a lot of the same accounting and invoicing features as QuickBooks. The key difference is that Wave is free.

You have features like recurring invoices, automatic payments, and invoice reminders so you can get paid on time.

If you do use Wave to accept payments, you’ll get charged 2.9% plus 30 cents for credit card payments, 1% for bank payments.

Wave does lag behind in the mobile app category. There is an app for invoicing, but they don’t offer other accounting features that are useful when you’re on the go.

3. FreshBooks

Freelancers love FreshBooks because they can track time spent on projects. The software calculates the time and creates the invoice.

It allows freelancers the chance to automate payments, accept payments, and schedule reminders.

If your business requires a deposit to start a project, that’s not a problem for FreshBooks. You can set that up in a few clicks in the invoicing software.

There’s an accounting component that lets you track expenses and payments in one dashboard.

4. Construction Invoice Software

There are solutions built for the construction industry. There are specific needs for the construction industry, such as lien wavier management, payment processing, and compliance management.

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5. Zoho Invoicing

Are you just starting your business? Zoho Invoicing is part of the broader Zoho business tools ecosystem.

Invoicing is a free tool that you can use to create and send invoices to your clients. You can create invoices and accept payments through PayPal.

You can also create estimates and proposals that customers can accept or decline. If you have international customers, you can create invoices in different currencies.

Discover the Best Invoice Apps

Take the financial stress off of your shoulders. Use one of these invoice apps to create a systematic way to collect money.

The invoice apps here apply to any business, whether you have a large construction company or you freelance on the side.

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