A Quick Guide on the Common Types of Websites

30 years ago, the internet was just something that scientists and the military used. Now, today we have all human knowledge available in our pockets -wherever we are. This is because there are websites for everything and we have the means to easily access them.  

Did you know that there are currently over 1.9 billion websites worldwide? If you’re planning to start a website, you’re not alone – thousands are launched every day. 

But what types of websites exist? And when designing a website, what are the most important features to include?

In this quick guide, we’ll talk you through the considerations you need to make when building a website. 

Landing Pages

A landing page is designed to make a user take a particular course of action. Usually, the content on a landing page will be limited and totally geared around the call-to-action. 

A landing page will use a very focused keyword that taps directly into user intent. A website may have numerous different landing pages, all with a different keyword angle, and geared toward achieving the same result. 

Many businesses will have a landing page for every geographical location they cover, or for every service they provide. 

E-Commerce Sites

An e-commerce site has an online store where users can make purchases. A well-designed e-commerce site makes browsing a catalog of products very simple and will offer a safe checkout process that securely managers the user’s transaction details. 


Many websites are geared towards the curation of informative articles or opinion pieces. Often, businesses will use blogs as part of their content marketing strategy, and individuals will set up blogs to talk about the topics that really matter to them. 

Social Media Websites

Sites that allow users to sign up and produce their own content, and interact with others are social media sites. The most popular examples include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok. These days, most social media website traffic comes through apps. 

Portfolio Sites

For individuals and businesses that have a particular skill set they want to promote, a portfolio site can be helpful. These serve as digital showcases for career highlights and are geared towards encouraging users to get in touch to hire the website’s owner. 

Putting it All Together

Many websites will incorporate several or even all of these design aspects. There are many companies out there that can help you piece your site together to ensure it has the functionality you’re looking for. This site is home to one such company. 

The Common Types of Websites

Understanding the different types of websites is key to deciding what it is you want to achieve from your site. With lots of website options available, it’s possible to create a site that achieves all of your aims. 

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