Reward Programs: Ensuring Customer Loyalty

The year is 2022 and now more than ever, people want to make sure they get the most for their money. With all the advancements in online shopping and deal finding, companies have had to think of other ways to reward their customers. Reward programs are a great way to ensure customers and companies alike stay loyal to each other. 

Now, when it comes to rewards programs, there are a number of different ways companies can show their customers that they appreciate them. Saving money, special deals, and custom merchandise are just a few different ways that companies can reward their customers. While there are loads of different rewards programs out there, let’s take a look at some of the better and more well-known examples. 

Amazon Prime

This is probably one of the top rewards programs out there even if it isn’t free. For a small fee paid monthly or annually, Amazon offers its prime members loads of exciting deals and perks. The main one is free next-day shipping on a wide range of products available on their site. Aside from this, you also can stream music and movies, store digital photos and receive in-game items for those who are into gaming.

Amazons prime gaming offers gamers loads of in-game chests and skins for quite a few different games. What’s even better is that these perks are constantly changing and more are being added. Prime members can even receive free games from Amazon just like when they gave away Battlefield 1 and 5. 

Casino Bonuses

While this may not be the most obvious of reward programs, online casinos are doing a lot to get new customers and even keep older customers happy. Depending on the online casino you chose, they normally have a number of different bonuses/rewards available to their customers. 

Casino bonuses are an example of rewards programs to ensure customer loyalty as they offer customers different ways to get the most for their money. Some will offer a fixed sum of free money when you deposit, while others will offer a percentage of what you deposit. You can also get things like free spins and more from some of the better online casinos. 

While most casinos will require you to deposit money first, there are some that don’t have the requirement and as soon as you sign up and are verified, you can make the most of their reward programs. It is definitely worth looking around as some will offer different rewards depending on if you are signing up as a new member or if you are a returning customer. 


The Starbucks rewards program uses stars and rewards customers, for purchases. They use their own loyalty app to track your purchases and reward you with stars. This is one of the more common rewards programs companies use and while they all change it a bit, a number of major companies utilize a similar program. 

There are two tiers, green and gold. The green tier is the entry tear that gives you stars and rewards you based on what the majority of customers are currently consuming. The gold tier, however, is much better. With the gold tier, Starbucks caters to your rewards specifically based on the data they collect when you use your account. Gold members also get a free drink on their birthday, something that isn’t seen in the green tier. This is a perfect example of a 2-tier rewards program and how they manage to keep some exclusivity for their consumers. 

Target Circle

Another massive rewards program and while it is similar to the Starbucks rewards program, you earn when you spend. It differs in that you can get money for future purchases. Basically, you get 1% cashback so to speak and when you have saved up enough, you can use it to save on your shopping.

Target also offers other perks to their rewards programs such as other discounted memberships, custom-catered deals, birthday gifts, and more! As time goes on, more companies are adopting a similar approach as they can cater the rewards to the individual consumer based on shopping and purchasing history. 

Recapping Different Rewards Programs

While we have only just touched the surface in this article, it is worth noting that these are some of the more popular rewards programs. To recap, some of the benefits are:

  • Free Shipping
  • Free Merchandise
  • Bonus Deposits
  • Extra Spins
  • 1% Cash Back
  • Custom Catered Offers and Discounts

All of these in their own rights are pretty decent and if you shop somewhere enough that offers any of these perks, you can generally get on their rewards program for free so it would be silly not. I mean, who wouldn’t want a free drink on their birthday every year? Am I right?

Final Words On Rewards Programs

While rewards programs are a great way to show loyalty to your customer, there are a number of different types of programs out there. The best thing to do is if you are interested in a rewards program, simply ask if your favorite shops have one and if they do, ask them what it includes that way you can see if it is worthwhile for yourself or not. It is also worth asking if there are any fees that will be associated with the programs. Generally, there isn’t but some places offer rewards programs with fees so they can better cater to the individual consumer and in turn, offer them better rewards. 

While these types of programs are not new, they are definitely getting better and more creative as time goes on. From %1 cash back to custom catered deals at your favorite grocery store, what is not to like? As time goes on and more people sign up for these rewards programs as well, they generally start being able to offer better rewards and further discounts on items they may manufacture or sell. All in all, if you haven’t already, now is the time to start looking into this and see if your favorite place has a rewards program of its own!