Is Weight Training Suitable for All Fitness Levels?

Getting fit is a process and as such, it is something that must be undertaken over the long term. Don’t believe the hype or the stories about how you can get fit in a week, it just isn’t possible. To get and stay fit, you will need to commit and have a program that is designed for your specific level of fitness. Weight training has become one of the most widely used forms of exercise and is accepted as the best way to increase fitness and maintain good overall health. The question that this article aims to answer is whether weight training can be used for those at all levels of fitness.

Weight Training and Fitness

Fitness is regarded as a state of health and well-being and can also include the ability to perform certain physical tasks or aspects of a specific sport. It is both about the repetition of physical activity and the ability to sustain the activity or physical exertion. The use of weights and weight training exercises as the main component of a fitness and exercise program are some of the best ways to maintain and keep this fitness. By adding weight training to an exercise program, you will be able to develop lean muscle mass and lose fat. The science is clear, and it is a proven means to exercise and develop fitness.

Weight Training for Beginners

If you’re new to fitness and strength training, you will need to start slowly and ensure that you follow a specific program that is very well structured. The dumbbells at Mirafit are a perfect place to start as you will be able to begin with weights or sizes that you are comfortable with. Then, add weight as you improve in fitness. Use the dumbbells to do some of the most basic stretches and exercises for your major muscle groups. Bicep curls, abdominal stretches, and lunges will all be possible with the dumbbells in hand. It is also possible to continue to do all the normal cardio exercises that you do and simply add a weight vest or with light dumbbells in hand.

Increasing Fitness and Weight Training

As your fitness increases and you are more able to do the exercises that you started with, you will be able to increase the weight and the exercise tools that you can use. The addition of a long bar and heavier weights for squats and a bench to be able to include bench presses for the chest and back muscles are a must. The premise is that as you get fitter you increase the weights, the repetitions, and the range of exercises that you can attempt.

Final Remarks

Weight training can be used at any stage of your fitness journey, it is all about the amount of weight that you use and how you incorporate these weights into your exercise regime. This article shows that you can start with less weight and more cardio movements and then as fitness improves it is time to add weight. Weight training is, therefore, indeed suitable for those at all and any fitness levels.