The Top Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

Most people are familiar with what is needed to keep them fit and healthy, especially as they get older.

Drink more water, eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables, and try to work out as often as you can. However, as much as people may feel squeamish about it or even embarrassed to talk about it, there is a lot that can be said about engaging in sexual activity.

Yes, doctors and health professionals have been discussing the health advantages of sex and long-term relationships (that are functional) for a long time, and here are some of the core advantages of having a healthy sex life.

Improves Bladder Control

Okay, so this is only for the ladies, but it is a big one.

If you have had children or are getting older, there is a chance that you may begin to lose control of your bladder, which can lead to urinary incontinence. This is due to the pelvic floor muscles becoming weakened.

There are many ways to strengthen this group of muscles. The first way is to practice pelvic floor exercises. However, why not incorporate some fun into this? Typing in adult toy shop near me can show you many different toys you can try to help you strengthen the pelvic floor via orgasming. Pair this with engaging in sex regularly, and you will notice improved bladder control in no time at all!

Lowers Blood Pressure

Studies into the benefits of sex have found that those who engage in regular sexual intercourse have lowered blood pressure. This may be due to the hormones that are released when you have sex, or it may be due to the number of calories that sex burns.

Either way, it’s good to know that having fun can also be good for you.

Burns Calories

It may not replace time at the gym, but sexual intercourse burns 5 calories a minute on average, which is 4 more than simply sitting around with your partner watching TV.

Of course, once a week is not going to do much for you with 5 calories a minute, so you may need to up those numbers to see the benefits.

Boosts Mental Health

People who are in sexual relationships that are active report having a higher level of self-esteem, lower levels of anxiety and depression, and also report having better sleep patterns. All of this is great for improving mental health.

Why does this happen? Well, when you are engaging in sex, your brain releases dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, all of which are ‘feel good’ neurochemicals. So, engaging in sex regularly with your partner can be better for your mental health than regular meditation.

Boosts Immune System

Studies have found that those who engage in sexual intercourse regularly have fewer sick days. Specifically, those who reported having sex twice a week or more were found to have more of a certain antibody in their system, which was fighting off infections. There are many supposed reasons for this, but it’s better to just take the data in this instance and get down to it.