How to Increase Your Stress Tolerance

As soon as we are overloaded with information and do not have time to think about it soberly, we begin to experience stress. In order not to provoke the psyche to stress, it’s necessary to approach this issue consciously.

Are you familiar with the expression “movement is life, and a stop is a little death”? Let’s understand what goes on in our minds when we are stressed.

Stress = Lack of “Self”

During stress, the processes responsible for cognitive functions – the ability to process, comprehend, understand, learn information – slow down and stop. It is for these that the central nervous system is responsible, and without it the personality is lost!

You could say that during stress our personality, our “I”, is absent and our consciousness is frantically trying to put it back in its rightful place. Therefore, during stress we begin to run inwardly, thinking that we have somewhere to go: to complete things, to go through training, to gain new knowledge, to make new achievements.

In order not to expose yourself to such states and to find peace of mind, calmly doing all your things, you need to increase your stress tolerance.

Instructions for Increasing Your Stress Level and Finding Yourself in the “Here and Now”

Stop the running of your thoughts. Consciously. Especially not provoking the mind to think about the future and not sending it to the past for comparison. Being here and now is the first cure for stress. Meditations, mindfulness practices and various relaxations will help: yoga, playing at National Casino, listening to music, walks in nature.

Figure out what kind of situation is disturbing. Is it several different situations that are now too much for you, or is it one big situation with which you can not cope? Admit it to yourself and clearly understand what you are afraid of and what you can’t accept.

Go through the 5 stages of acceptance: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Answer yourself in writing the questions: – What exactly am I in denial about? What am I most afraid of? – What is causing me the most injustice? Who and what do I resent the most? – What can I agree with myself? – What helps me accept that I cannot change the situation? – How exactly can I help myself now? If it’s difficult to do it yourself, people in the helping professions can help.

Switch yourself to different activities related to fine motor skills. This can be any hobby you have: drawing, photography, making videos, different types of weaving, embroidery, etc. Find something you enjoy!

Connect your body: move around, talk to people, laugh, breathe deeply.

As you go through these 5 steps, you will gradually instill in yourself the idea that your body is alive! Your signal will be heard and gradually your stress will go away, because you will prove it in practice.