How to Be a Profitable Bookie in a Post-Pandemic World

Did you know that Americans bet $7.6 billion on this year’s Super Bowl? With legalized sports betting spreading across the country, more people than ever can make bets. And they’re taking advantage of it, judging by this year’s big game.

But what does that mean for a bookie? How do the small guys compete with the retail sportsbooks in a post-pandemic world?

Read on to learn how to be a good bookie during the sports gambling technological revolution.

How COVID-19 Impacted Sports Betting

On March 12, 2020, the sports world experienced a nightmare scenario when at halftime of the Creighton vs. St. John’s game, the Presidents and the Athletic Directors of the Big East canceled the conference tournament. The two teams walked off the court on live television and didn’t return.

The dominoes fell as the virus spread. March Madness was canceled, the NHL, NBA, and MLB postponed their seasons. All professional and collegiate sports leagues ceased playing for the first time in modern American history.

How did the sports betting industry survive? The large retail books pivoted and could offer betting lines on sports still played like British darts, Russian table tennis, and Korean Baseball.

The Tools for Success

Pre-pandemic and before legal mobile sports betting, bookies outside of Las Vegas had a captive player pool. If someone wanted to make a bet, they had to bet with a bookie. Today, you have a lot of competition if you live in a state offering legal online betting.

How do you compete with the retail sportsbooks that offer players convenient mobile betting? You have to use the best bookie software on the market to craft your online betting platform.

This bookie software brings a powerful line service that provides odds on a wide range of sports. While it’s unlikely sports will shutter again, you better have a backup plan.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll also have a mobile platform to compete in your market.

Being a Bookie

Bookies are everywhere. You are a bookie if you run an office block pool or fantasy football league. But being a bookie doesn’t mean you’ll make money.

So how do bookies make money? They make money by taking bets. The more tickets a bookie writes, the more money they’ll make.

Sounds easy, right? Making money as a bookie takes a profound understanding of sports betting logic and money management. The best software helps you with every aspect of your bookie career.

Become a Bookie in the 21st Century

Many people are still learning how to function in a post-pandemic world. Folks hesitant to leave the house often, especially to make bets, still desire to gamble on sports. If you want to be a bookie, and especially a profitable bookie, you have to reach these people where they are.

The best way to reach them and ensure you’re never without betting lines to offer is to find a bookie software platform. Find one and watch the money pour in.

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