How Should You Find The Best Personal Injury Attorney In Philadelphia?

Despite several efforts to improve Philadelphia road safety, the number of road accidents hasn’t wavered. In fact, in Philadelphia County, the total number of accidents has gone up, not down.


Although traffic volume reduced by about 18%, car collisions increased by 88% in Philly in 2020. The city has a Vision Zero program that tracks these numbers and reported that 83 people were killed in 2019, while 2020 saw 156 fatalities.

If you or your loved one are a victim of a car crash or another type of injury, you need experts by your side. Insurance companies have big law firms on retainers, so they don’t have to pay you the rightful compensation. Here is how you can find the best personal injury attorney in Philadelphia.

Peer Reviews

Lawyers also have platforms where their peers review their performance. You can visit predominant websites to find lawyers based on their ratings. The reviews are based on expertise, integrity, experience, and ethical standards that the attorneys practice. A lawyer with a rating of four-plus should be able to handle your case adeptly.

Check With Your Peers

Someone in your peers would have needed a personal injury lawyer at some time. A detailed interview with them will provide you with a clear picture of how the lawyer handled the case. They will be able to give you a first-hand review of their experience with the attorney.

Don’t Go By Ads

Don’t go by claims of quick close, fast settlement, high volume, etc. These words indicate that the lawyers will settle for the first offer they get. Personal injury cases need a lot of investigation and patience. You need a lawyer who will get down and dirty to investigate the minutest of details. 

Your case may have more than one responsible party and multiple claims such as negligence, recklessness, or intentional harm. You need an expert who will file all possible claims against all the culprits so that no one goes scot-free. All these take time, and a quick turnaround will not do.

Ask Questions

While the lawyer’s job is to ask questions, their turn comes second. You get the first chance to ask questions to be assured that you are hiring the best to represent you. 

Ask them about their past victories and, more importantly, the cases they lost. Valuable lessons are to be learned from lost causes. Once you are satisfied with their responses, you can retain their services. Now, it’s their turn to ask questions.

Contingency Fees

Lawyers usually have two fee models: upfront fee and contingency fee. An upfront fee is when you pay a fixed amount upfront and then another fixed payment once the case is closed. A contingent fee is when you only pay if you win. Hiring an attorney who charges a contingency fee is better as it motivates them to get you a big win.

Personal injury cases can drag for years if you don’t have the proper representation. When fighting with giant insurance companies, who have the best resources, you need the expertise of a lawyer who will go all out to get you a win. Following these points to hire a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia can help strengthen your case.