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How an estate agent in Pattaya turned your dreams into reality

You could not be happier with life as you wake up on a beautiful sunny day. There’s time for a dip in the pool, with the sea in the distance from your property in the hills in the outer suburbs of a bustling and exciting city.

Following a light breakfast making use of the fresh fruit from the local street vendor, a friend collects you to head for a round of golf on a superb nearby course. All of this is what you dreamed of for many years working hard in a less hospitable climate. Much of your current bliss was created when you got in touch with one of the Pattaya estate agents that a contact recommended.

What a difference to when you first arrived. Yes, you thought you knew the area from previous holidays to Thailand, whereas in reality you were as green as grass. You looked to find your own place through your own means via the internet rather than speaking to professionals with a couple of decades of experience in both the Land of Smiles and the USA. You soon learned the error of your ways.

The first place you stayed in turned out to be a bit of a shambles, with a misunderstanding, that was put down to a misinterpretation between Thai and English. Fortunately, a resolution was found, but it cost you money, which is ironic considering that you thought you were saving some. It would have been far more prudent to go to an estate agent of repute and excellent references, as well as saving yourself immeasurable stress and hassle. The same route that you were advised to take when an immigration lawyer found you the best solution as to your visa requirements.

You were immediately treated to a first class service when you went for the sensible option and always felt like the agents put you first. They had a wealth of knowledge of the areas that you interested in purchasing in, with a wide range of properties to offer you the best option with many amenities on your doorstep in a thriving city that attracts people from around the globe.

As you previously found, there can be obstacles to overcome with properties in Thailand regarding paperwork and contracts. Leaving it to the experts has proven to be an excellent decision the second time around. They explained everything in detail, offered the best advice and then dealt with it all leaving you to choose the best golf courses in Pattaya to improve your handicap and have fun.

The beauty of speaking to estate agents in the area is that they also had the inside track on new upcoming developments. While you are delighted with your house, others might prefer a short term solution, ready to move into a new dwelling when it is complete. Such knowledge can only be gleaned through those in the know.

Purchasing that property in Pattaya through the help of a professional and helpful estate agent turned your dreams into reality.