Getting the Word Out: What Are the Types of Digital Marketing?

About 65% of businesses claim the top marketing challenges they face include generating traffic and quality leads. Using a mix of digital marketing strategies could help you attract quality leads to your business. What are the types of digital marketing you need to start using, though?

Read on to find out! Exploring the different types of digital marketing services available can help you boost your business.

With a strong strategy in place, you can attract fresh leads, boost your ROI, and start growing.

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Content Creation

Content marketing can help you demonstrate your experience and expertise. In time, it could position you as a thought leader in the industry. Becoming a thought leader can help encourage brand trust and loyalty to grow.

Developing brand trust could encourage more people to give your brand a try.

Consider working with a digital marketing consultant this year. They can help you determine what content will best appeal to your target audience. Then, you can use your content along with different types of digital marketing.

For example, you can reformat a blog post as an infographic, video, or social media post.

Search Engine Marketing

As you ask yourself, “what are the types of digital marketing I should start using,” you should also consider how you’ll reach consumers online. For example, search engine marketing (SEM) can help you appear on search engines like Google.

A strong SEM strategy will help you reach the first page of a search. Then, you can generate brand awareness, web traffic, and leads. 

Video Marketing

About 80% of people remember a video ad they’ve watched in the past 30 days. In fact, 79% would rather watch a video than read about a product. Another 55% of online users watch videos every day.

Today, 83% of marketers claim videos give them a positive ROI.

Video marketing can help you attract and engage consumers. You can help them learn more about your product or service before encouraging them to convert. Video marketing can also boost your search engine rankings.

In fact, video marketing strategies are responsible for an average rise of 54% in brand awareness. It could lead to 49% faster revenue growth than other types of digital marketing, too. 

You can find help with your digital video marketing strategy here to get started. 

Email Marketing

Once you start creating content for your website, you can create a lead magnet. For example, you can offer visitors an eBook in exchange for their email addresses. Then, you can start using email marketing to nurture your leads. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another great way to nurture your leads and engage your audience.

Consider hosting live Q&A video sessions to engage consumers in real-time. Answering their questions can make them more comfortable with your brand. 

What Are the Types of Digital Marketing?: 5 Strategies for Success

To recap, what are the types of digital marketing you should use for your business? Start with these five different types of digital marketing first. Then, use analytics to determine which strategies appeal to your audience most.

Start marketing with these tips today. 

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