5 Steps to Take if You’re Involved in a Workplace Accident

People all over the world experience 2.3 million work injuries every year. 

Getting injured at work can add insult to injury. Not only are there physical medical injuries to deal with, but you’ll also lose time from work. But it doesn’t have to spell the final word. 

You must learn the proper steps for handling a worker’s compensation case after you’ve gotten hurt on the job. Read these suggestions so that you know how to respond to any workplace accident that you experience. 

1. Recognize That You’re Hurt and Don’t Downplay It

Many people who suffer an accident at work try to tough it out and be a good sport. This is especially the case when you love your job and the people that you work with. 

Recognize that you have rights covered by the law to help you after you’ve been hurt at work. Be completely open and honest about the pain you’re experiencing so that you can get the payment that will be helpful to you. 

2. Notify Your Boss and Human Resources (HR)

Reporting workplace injuries is the most important step. Not only does this let your job know what is going on, but the date also is the marker that will determine the statute of limitations for your case. 

Talk to your Human Resources (HR) department to report the incident. After dealing with injuries at work, they’ll be responsible for documenting them and filing a claim with the company’s insurance. 

3. Go to the Doctor

Visit a physician so that you can get an evaluation to confirm your injuries. This physician’s evaluation is vital both for your medical care, and to provide proof for your legal case if you end up filing one. 

The doctor will give their expert diagnosis, along with medical images, a timeline of recovery, and the steps that you’ll need to follow. Keep documentation of your doctor visits and forward any proof to your company’s HR department. 

4. Follow-Up With Your Job and Work on the Claim

Talk to HR to get updates on how your claim is being handled. Since they have a worker’s compensation insurance policy, it should be a straightforward process to move the process along. 

Begin gauging your company’s cooperativeness to see whether this will become a legal issue or not. You’ll generally need to pursue legal action if the job isn’t being forthcoming, or if they end up providing a payment amount that doesn’t suffice. 

5. Consult With a Lawyer on Your Options

Consult with a lawyer whether you think your case will go to court or not. The best thing a worker’s compensation lawyer will provide you with is some sound advice about workplace accidents. 

They’ll take a statement from you and can also communicate with your company’s HR department or legal team on your behalf. 

If the case goes to court or settlement negotiations, an attorney for workers compensation claims will help you recoup the money that you need to heal injuries and handle any other damages. 

Respond to Your Workplace Accident

The workplace accident that you’ve suffered requires your full attention. When you address it earnestly, you’ll be able to start healing and will protect your ability to earn a living. 

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