Best Money-Saving Apps: Budgeting Made Easy

Saving money is important. Especially when the cost of living is constantly going up. Do you want to find ways to save money in your everyday life? Do you need help tracking your expenses? There are many budget apps out there to help you keep your personal finances in order but how do you pick the right one? Let’s take a look at some of the best money-saving apps for women.


Mint is a great app that is powered by Intuit. Intuit is the same power behind TurboTax and Quickbooks, both big names in the tax and financial world. You can find a variety of features that will help you with your budget on Mint, such as tracking spending, managing money, and seeing all of your financial information in one place.

One of the great features is that Mint allows you to receive notifications in relations to your budget. This includes low balances, big charges, overspending, etc. You can also see transactions based on categories to see if you are spending too much in one area. Budget based features on Mint are front and center.


Unlike Mint, the focus of PocketGuard is exclusively on preventing you from spending too much money. You link your PocketGuard account to your financial institutions and then it tracks your spending in real-time.

PocketGuard has taken steps to make signing up easier than with similar apps. You only have to login to your financial accounts with read-only access. The idea behind PocketGuard is that anyone can use it, whether you are new to managing finances or a professional, you will find the app easy to use.

You can use PocketGuard to look at your spending on a macro level or take it down to a micro level to look at smaller categories. Common categories include groceries, gas, clothing, and rent.


YNAB stands for YouNeedABudget and is a popular app on both Google and Apple devices. While YNAB takes some time setting up, it really helps you drill down on your spending. Most people who use the app end up saving hundreds of dollars. YNAB looks at your spending history and tries to analyze what you have been spending on and what you need to spend money on. From there the app breaks down a budge for each area of your life such as rent, bills, food, and gas.

You can look into YNAB and see how much you have been able to save each month. To add to that, you can budget for big spending by seeing where you can save a little money every month. While getting out of debt, controlling spending, you can also save for your next vacation, a new car, or a house.


Sometimes we all have time managing our bills. All of the things we have to pay for now can make it complicated. Prism helps you get a grip on your bills by tracking all of your bills, the due dates, and your available funds. You can get reminders for your bills in one place and even pay them without leaving the app.

You need to connect your bills to the app. To do this Prism has made partnerships with companies around the world, from big to small. They claim to have over 11,000 companies that bill and add more every month.

Like with the other apps on this list you can also see your account balances and track your spending. Prism is meant to be the one-stop you need to get all of your financial information. The company is trying to reduce the number of accounts that you need to log into.

These are the tree best money-saving apps for women. Using one of these apps can quickly help you take your financial status to the next level. With the money you save you can start to build up for retirement and live a more comfortable life in the now.