Benefits of Upgrading Glock Trigger

Whether or not you want to upgrade your Glock trigger is a personal decision. Some upgrades are drop-in, and others require a gunsmith to install. Figuring out what you are looking for in a trigger will help you decide if the upgrade is worth it. Some benefits to consider are the following:

Improved Accuracy

The factory trigger on a Glock can feel gritty and mushy, which is not ideal for accuracy. A good aftermarket trigger is much lighter and smoother, improving accuracy and making shooting easier. There is a popular trigger upgrade that replaces the trigger shoe, connector, and bar for a softer feel, less over-travel, and a cleaner trigger break. Some also offer a shorter reset than the stock trigger. It is a great option for those who want to compete in GSSF events and still maintain the reliability of their Glock.

Improved Finger Placement

Glock trigger upgrades provide a better feel for your finger when shooting. Rather than feeling gritty and hard on the pull, they offer a smoother feel with less creep and shorter reset. Competition shooters often desire a lighter trigger to achieve more accuracy at longer ranges. They also want a quicker reset to cut the time between shots. Some trigger upgrades replace the entire trigger mechanism, while others modify the existing trigger components. Installing these improvements on your Glock is easy, and you can personalize it. They can also add a pop of visual appeal to the handgun. The options are endless!

Reduced Trigger Pull Weight

A lighter trigger makes placing precise and accountable shots easier for those that use their Glocks as duty or self-defense guns. A few companies have designed replacement triggers that achieve this without changing the factory design. Two examples are simple trigger connection kits and whole replacement trigger groups that replace the trigger shoe, trigger bar, and trigger return springs. In certain cases, it is possible to utilize them in competitions without affecting division eligibility.

Reduced Creep

A Glock trigger with too much creep makes it difficult to place shots accurately. Creep occurs when the ridge on the safety of the firing pin protrudes into the trigger bar extension, creating friction that prevents it from reaching the disconnector. Trigger upgrades reduce this friction by re-contouring and polishing the surfaces that touch each other. They can also ensure that no burrs or snags could slow the trigger’s movement. The resulting lighter, smoother trigger improves accuracy and can help you shoot faster. In a self-defense scenario, getting rounds on target can save lives. A shorter trigger reset will also let you shoot more shots per minute.

Better Ergonomics

Even a seasoned Glock shooter can get better performance out of their gun with a trigger upgrade. For a competitive shooter, every fraction of an inch counts; a good trigger will shrink your groups and cut the time between shots. Trigger upgrades vary in trigger shoe shape or profile, edge break, pre-travel reduction, and more. These differences can affect how comfortable a gun is to shoot, and they can also improve the feel of the trigger. There is a trigger that keeps the factory disconnector and trigger bar but offers a lighter and cleaner experience. These trigger resets are also crisper and further forward compared to other options.

Improved Visual Appeal

Most Glock triggers look similar, which makes it difficult to differentiate one from another. This new trigger is CNC-machined to provide a more visually appealing look. It features a flat trigger face that reduces trigger travel and creates less friction with the finger. It also offers a smoother uptake, a much faster reset and about a pound lighter trigger pull than stock. It’s available in various kits, including the trigger, trigger bar and sear module or as an entire replacement for the factory trigger mechanism. It’s also backed by a warranty and installs in minutes using the included tools.