6 Benefits of Live Streaming Your Church Service

Did you know that 27% of Americans report that (on average) they go to church every week? While this may not be the number you want to see, it’s important to make sure that the people that are committed to church keep coming on a regular basis. 

Connecting with your audience on any level you can is important when you’re working in a church. This will create a sense of community that will make your church a better place. 

Are you thinking about trying to incorporate more technology into your church service? If so, live streaming might be the right move to make! However, this is not going to be possible without a stable and fast internet connection from a provider like Spectrum internet. If Spectrum is not available in your area, make sure to get reviews from real users before deciding on an internet provider.

There are many benefits to live streaming your church service, so keep reading below to learn about the top 6 you should know before getting started. 

1. Keep Records of Your Services

As you start to live stream your services, you have the opportunity to keep records of each one for future review. You can archive them so that people that may have missed the live stream and weren’t able to come in person can view them later.

In addition to that, live streaming for churches is beneficial because you can live stream many different events. These can all be also archive in the form of playlists.

If you have different categories for different things, such as one for services, one for Bible studies, and one for concerts, you can allow your churchgoers to access these whenever they would like. This is helpful for people that may miss these events, but it’s also helpful for people that want to brush up on things they want to learn more about or take a second look at.

2. Make Your Church Service More Accessible

Some people aren’t able to physically attend church in person because they might be sick, elderly, or otherwise physically incapable of getting to the church. In some cases, these may be the people that your church could want to try and reach the most. 

By live streaming the services that you have for your churchgoers, you’re making sure that each person that wants to participate has at least two ways to do so. Even if someone isn’t able to be there in person with the rest of the congregation, you can still offer them support from the comfort of their own home.

You can create connections with everyone involved in your church with ease. 

3. Reach a Wider Audience

Much like you can make sure that people already involved with the church are able to access your service, you may even be able to attract new people to the service with a live stream.

Even if someone is outside of your community, your church’s words may be able to reach people that you weren’t planning to reach.

Your service can help others that are overseas, in the next town over, or on the other side of the country. With the internet, people from all over can access your service to become involved with their faith in potentially new ways. 

4. Connect With Younger Churchgoers 

Statistics show that younger people are likely to practice their faith with the use of technology more than strictly in person. Technology has started to infiltrate all areas of our lives, and for younger people in your church, the internet has likely been around since they were born.

With the help of social platforms, you can combine your live stream with your social media outreach. By doing this, you’ll reach the maximum number of people in your congregation, whether they come to the service in person or not. 

People like to feel part of a group, and if the young people in your church are more comfortable doing that online, it’s worth it to live stream to make them feel more connected to the service.

5. Become More Tech-Savvy

People sometimes think that creating a live stream would be too expensive, so it isn’t worth it for their church to even consider. However, you only need some really basic equipment to get started. Some of the things that you’ll have to get to start include:

  • Internet connection
  • Video recorder
  • Audio recorder
  • Streaming platform

Generally, most of the things that you might use for video will also record the audio, so that’s something to consider before you make a purchase. If necessary, you could even use a smartphone to get started. 

Some streaming providers are more expensive while others are a little more affordable, so be sure to do your research before you choose one. Options with these features will be best for you if you’re using streaming services for the first time. 

6. Raise Money for Causes Your Church Supports

Did you know that videos can be monetized? One of the great things about being part of a church is that you can come together as a group to raise money for causes that are important to your community or to those around the world. 

You can ask your church members what types of organizations, charities, or other causes they would be interested in putting their money toward. Then, use the funds that are raised from your videos to pay for those interests. 

Don’t ask your churchgoers to pay for Sunday service specifically. You want people to be able to access this regardless of their financial situation. Instead, consider holding special events that they can donate money toward to watch.

If you’re already live streaming your services each Sunday, you can use that same technology toward these efforts! 

Start Live Streaming Your Church Service Today

Making the choice to start live streaming your church service can help your church grow overall.

You can create more connections and increase the faith of those that may not be able to attend in person. In addition to that, you’ll be able to take advantage of other opportunities that go along with investing in the equipment.

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