This Is When to See a Sex Therapist

Let’s face it: The average person tends to have a somewhat complicated relationship with sex. This can be due to some traumatic event in their past, a lack of understanding, or a repressive upbringing. Whatever the cause, it can be difficult for even the average person to connect with their sexual bodies and selves.

However, when does this complication delve into outright problems with intimacy and sex? When does your common upbringing become a reason for concern? If you’re wondering when to see a sex therapist, these signs may give you the push you need. After all, everyone can benefit from a little bit of therapy.

You Can’t Seem to Get or Stay in the Mood

The first sign that you should be seeing a sex therapist is that you can’t seem to get or stay in the mood. You struggle to get aroused or maintain arousal once you get going. This can be due to any number of factors, including medical conditions and psychological blockage.

A sex therapist can help you sort out the cause of your difficulties with arousal and find a solution for them.

You and Your Partner Have a Sexual Mismatch

If you and your partner have been bored in bed, or seem to be talking past each others’ desires, it can mean that you need to see a sex therapist. It could be that you’re sexually mismatched in terms of libido or other desires. It could be due to communication issues.

Either way, one of the benefits of seeing a sex therapist is finding ways to meet in the middle and help your sexual selves flourish.

You’re Processing or Recovering from Sexual Trauma

If you’ve experienced any sort of sexual trauma in the past, you might wonder, “Do I need a sex therapist?”

That depends on how capable you feel of handling sexual intimacy after the fact. If you need help getting back in touch with your body and your desires after experiencing such trauma, professionals like Uma Furman are there to help you re-center and reclaim your pleasure.

You’re LGBTQ+ and Need Insight

Let’s be honest with ourselves: The sex education available for LGBTQ+ people is, for the most part, garbage. It either does not exist or examines sex from a heterosexual perspective. If you’re wondering when to see a sex therapist to better understand your body and identity, the answer is, “As soon as you can find a sex therapist that accepts clients like you.”

Seeing a sex therapist can be a life-saving experience for trans people, who often experience issues in connecting with their sexual bodies and needs.

Wondering When to See a Sex Therapist? Let’s Review

If you’re still not sure when to see a sex therapist, let’s review the basics. If you struggle with intimacy with your partner, need further insight into your sexual self, or are recovering from sexual trauma, you may benefit from seeing a sex therapist. And if you’re looking for more content to help you understand your sexual self, check out our blog for more articles like this.